format and reinstall windows 95

  pookie 15:10 04 Jun 2003


work is selling of some old computers which they want formatted with 95 put back on. I have the original 95 cds but I can't find autherization/registration codes. Did 95 need these before I start? I've reformatted using 98se and XP in past and I know you needed the codes for those.



  Terrahawk 15:13 04 Jun 2003

yes you do need the code it should be on the book that comes with win95

  Belatucadrus 15:24 04 Jun 2003

click here for a handy utility called Keyfinder, that'll do the job.

  pookie 15:28 04 Jun 2003

thanks for replies

I've found registration codes I need.

I can't remember the c:\ command to format.
I thought it was c:\format\u but it's been so long that I can't remember. Anyone know?



  Terrahawk 16:19 04 Jun 2003

you will need a boot disk boot into dos then at the A:\prompt type format c:so should look like this
A:\format c:

  Belatucadrus 23:34 04 Jun 2003

click here for a pdf document on reformating. Do remember that unlike W98 a standard W95 boot disk doesn't include any CD drivers and can't use the drive, you'll need either a W98, W95 with drivers click here or ultimate boot disk click here to do the job assuming W95 is on CD.

  User-312386 23:40 04 Jun 2003

Using Windows 95, simply format a floppy drive with the system files on it. To do this you open MY COMPUTER on the Windows 95 desktop and right click on the 3-1/2" floppy icon.
A dialogue box will come up and left click on FORMAT. Select QUICK FORMAT and COPY SYSTEM FILES then click START. Be sure to insert a blank floppy disk in your "A" drive. This will create a bootable floppy disk.

Next copy a few files onto the floppy, as follows.
Open Windows Explorer and use it to open the c:\windows\command directory.

Across the menu bar at the top click VIEW, then OPTIONS, then the VIEW tab.

Next click on SHOW ALL FILES, click OK. Look for the file "" in the command directory. Right click the mouse on "format" and a dialogue box will come up. Click on SEND TO and then 3-1/2" floppy icon. This will copy the file to the floppy drive. Do the same with FDISK.EXE, and MSCDEX.EXE. In the c:\windows directory there's a file called HIMEM.SYS. Copy it to the floppy as well.

If the system was loaded using a pre-load there will be a directory called REALMODE in the C:\ directory (or root).
Open this directory. Look for the CD-ROM driver.

Copy it to the floppy.

If you're stumped about what the CD-ROM driver is, open NOTEPAD and open the CONFIG.SYS file. You'll find it in the c:\ directory of your computer.
Inside this file, you'll find a line like: device=c:\realmode\aoatapi.sys /d:oemcd000.

The .SYS file is your CD-ROM driver. If you have trouble, contact your computer vendor, they'll know which file it is. Or browse and download your CD-ROM driver from DriversHQ or any of these sites: The Driver Zone, WinDrivers.Com, WinFiles, or Frank Condron's World o' Windows.

The last step is to create two files for the floppy: CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT.
When you boot the computer with the floppy, the computer reads the instructions in these two files.

Use NOTEPAD again and start a new file. Type in:
Replace "AOATPI.SYS" in the line above with the name of your CD-ROM driver, if it's something else.

Be sure your floppy disk is in the A: drive. Click on FILE, SAVE AS, and save this file as A:\CONFIG.SYS.
Click on FILE, NEW and type in:
Click on FILE, SAVE AS, and save the file as A:\AUTOEXEC.BAT.

You now have a bootable floppy that will fire up the CD-ROM drive as well as be able to format the hard drive.

Formatting the hard drive is quite simple.
Make sure you have the boot disk that you just made in the floppy drive. Reboot the computer.
This will do two things. It will ensure the floppy is going to work and will give you the A: prompt. When A:\ appears after boot, type in FORMAT C: /S and press enter, select "yes" when prompted.

This command will format the hard drive and make it bootable. Everything on the C: drive will be destroyed.
Once it is finished formatting, reboot the system using the boot disk.
Once the A:\ comes back put the Windows 95 CD in the drive. Type in D:\ and press enter.
This will bring the CD-ROM drive on-line. Next, type in SETUP and press enter.

You are now on your way to reinstalling WINDOWS 95. Just follow the prompts and within about an hour you will have reinstalled Windows.

  pookie 12:12 05 Jun 2003

Thanks for the many replies, and time taken, and I've sorted it now. Cheers.

Apologies to all as I had 2 threads on this which probably isn't viewed as good. But I needed the command so I posted it as a seperate question.


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