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  gpx600 23:50 08 Oct 2008

Hi can anyone explain the process for formatting a hard drive that contains linux.Obviously the fdisk utility won't work as i have tried it will only format the 20gb allocated to windows.I am now left with 20gb holding PCLinux which i want to remove and re-install as the post screen hangs and i get grub error please wait and life is to short.Help appreciated thanks.

  mgmcc 08:38 09 Oct 2008

If you run FDISK /MBR to restore the Master Boot Record, can you not then run FDISK to remove the "non-DOS" partition?

<<<< Obviously the fdisk utility won't work as i have tried it will only format the 20gb allocated to windows >>>>

FDISK is a *PARTITIONING* utility, it doesn't FORMAT. Are you trying to run the FORMAT.COM DOS file to format your existing Linux partition?

  baldydave 10:10 09 Oct 2008

Download ubcd from here,
click here
Burn to cd,then set pc to boot from cd.There are loads of tools to format hard drives including linux partitions/filesystems

  scotty 12:32 09 Oct 2008

Linux install CDs can usually be run as "live" cds i.e. your run linux directly from the cd without installing on your harddrive. If you boot a "live" version of linux you can alter partition tables and format discs using Gparted. For your case, I would delete the linux partition and then extend another partition to use the extra space.

As mgmcc suggests, FDISK /MBR should remove GRUB.

  woodchip 13:17 09 Oct 2008

All you need do is clear the Partition that was created by Linux

  uesquebeathus 13:20 09 Oct 2008

i am sure if you go to the drive manufacturers web site they will have a utility for there own drives, and also a help forum.

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