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  TSutherland 02:31 29 Dec 2007

Hello all,

I have a problem that has had me frustrated for hours. I've bought a new hard drive on account of my last one having crashed. After installing the new HD I used my XP recovery CD to install windows XP, drivers etc. I find that once I install the network adapter driver that a virus awakens and starts to do it's usual annoying stuff. I've tried using the recovery CD a number of times and reformatting the hard drive each time and yet this virus still seems to appear (W32.Spybot.Worm). I'm assuming this HD isn't brand new on account of this virus somehow croping up, what I don't understand is how it seems to avoid reformatting the drive?? Any suggestions?? At this point I'm tempted to return this hard drive that I bought and go buy a brand new out of the box one. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  MAJ 02:43 29 Dec 2007

What do you mean by "XP Recovery CD"? Is this a recovery CD you created yourself? If so then chances are you have also backed up the virus and it's being reinstalled each time you reinstall Windows.

  TSutherland 02:44 29 Dec 2007

I'm referring to the Windows XP reinstallation CD that came packaged with my computer.

  MAJ 02:56 29 Dec 2007

It wont survive a format, so you are reinstalling it with one of your drivers, or with something else you have installed.

Removal instructions are click here

  TSutherland 03:12 29 Dec 2007

The most recent time that I tried the only things that I installed were Norton Antivirus 2003 and some drivers. All are on the cd's that came equipped with the computer.

Had these virus before on my own computer and a mates,McAfee and AVG did not spot them.Try useing Avast 4.7 AV,free on pc advisor iss138 or down load from Avast.It did mine and then found 18 win32 and variants on my mates on boot up scan, cleaned all.Works well.

  ICF 08:48 29 Dec 2007

Before installing your network card put on your firewall software.Then your Anti virus software and then your network card and update your virus software.
It might be a good idea to try and download new driver for you network card from another computer and also while your at it try a new anti virus software like say Avast or AVG.Just incase you loading on the worm form you own CD's

Have you tried scanning your Driver CD's with Anti virus software

AVG click here

Avast click here

  TSutherland 18:45 29 Dec 2007

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll let you know how it works out.I've downloaded the windows xp service pack 2 upgrade on another computer and my plan is to install this prior to anything else so that I can get the added firewall protection. Previsouly I installed my ethernet driver and connected to the internet to get this update, however once connected to the internet the virus problems would surface.

  ICF 08:12 30 Dec 2007

Window firewall is better than nothing but is very basic

Try click here

  TSutherland 09:47 30 Dec 2007

Well, I finally got it sorted out. I installed sp 2 before anything else and connecting to the internet and the virus problems ceased. I also ran the avast virus software to be safe as per the suggestions. I must have somehow been picking it up with my initial connection to the internet when my computer wasn't as protected. Thanks all for the help!

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