format hard drive problems

  shauny36 09:54 03 Mar 2007

a friend of mine has give me a pc to format for him coz it keeps freezing, but when i try to format using A promt it comes up with bad command name and also does it on fdisk.

also when i try to install a fresh copy of xp it gets part the way through then just stops.
have tried booting from cd rom and installing from there but just stops part the way through.

it has 1 40 gig hard drive split in 2 with xp on 1 and me or 98 on the other.

am i doing something wrong.

  shauny36 21:55 03 Mar 2007

have tried a couple of smaller hard drives but still cant install xp.
sometimes it gets part the through and then gets to the reboot part and after reboot just wont finish the install.
have even tried to install it using the hard drive as an external drive on my other pc just to see if it will install like that, but still no joy. also dont seem to get the option to format the drive.

  wobblymike 08:10 04 Mar 2007

Try using a 3rd party utility to format the drive - I use maxblast 4 which you can download free if you can access the net. this is for maxtor drives - there is a similar tool for seagate drives etc on the seagate site.

  skidzy 09:59 04 Mar 2007

Have you tried removing the drive and use either a caddy or usb ide/sata convertor cable,and plug into another here

Or put the drive into another pc and format that way.

You could try Killdisc to wipe the drive click here

  ArrGee 10:00 04 Mar 2007

I have used this countless times on various machines to format and re-install XP. Never had a single problem to date:

click here

  shauny36 11:15 04 Mar 2007

have tried about 6 different hard drives and still no joy. am using a usb to ide lead to MY pc and trying to install xp to the external hd just to see if it will install but hasnt.

also using my mates pc with hard drives connected internal but just does the same.

boot from cd rom (ok)
setup is starting windows (ok)
press enter for fresh install (ok)
please wait sometimes just stops there or if lucky gets to part to choose partition and convert from fat32 to ntfs on some hds and sometimes goes to the blue sreen saying it has had to stop and has error codes EG 00000,etc

also havent come across the part which gives me the option to format. have even tried command promt.

could it be something wrong with the pc itself or something else.

am really stuck

  Diversion 11:50 04 Mar 2007

It's just a thought but have you tried cleaning the XP disk, and also if you've got one try cleaning the lazer lense with the lense cleaning disk.

  shauny36 18:04 04 Mar 2007

have got a original xp disc and 2 separate versions of backup copys of xp. and have got 3 dvd/cd rom drives.

did manage to install xp by putting hd into my pc as a d drive (internal) and then putting the hd back into friends pc but when it boots up it says missing ntldr so have to insert xp disc and try a fresh install which does the same as before but did manage to get it to the format option screen then it just froze.

  Debbzuk 10:09 05 Mar 2007

click here Try reading this, not sure it will help, but lots of info and options.

Good luck

  shauny36 19:12 06 Mar 2007

will give that a go over the weekend, i think i changed the primary ide cable after a few atempts with my hds so will swap it back just incase.

did manage to install windows via my pc on a spare hd but couldnt overwrite in the other pc.


will let you know how i got on.

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