Format Hard Disk

  AJ25 10:38 19 Jun 2005

I had a long thread yesterday but failed to resolve my problem.

Basically I am trying to format my Hard Disk by booting from the Floppy Boot Disk. When using the boot disk I had with the system, upon typing the format c: command, I get an error "Bad command or file".

when I use the bootdisk downloaded yesterday on some advice, I get a system disk error "replace and hit any key to continue" so that gets me nowhere.

Totally stuck!

  leo49 10:44 19 Jun 2005

A link to the other thread would be useful so readers know the whole background story.

  AJ25 10:48 19 Jun 2005

Not sure how to link the old thread but it was called Rolling Back Windows 98. 21 Posts made to it

  Joe R 10:54 19 Jun 2005

click here

this is the link here.

  User-312386 10:54 19 Jun 2005

click here for the other thread

As you say you have an Old Dell

You need the Dell Boot Disc and CD-ROM together

Can you find the DELL BOOT DISC (not the cd-rom_

  leo49 10:55 19 Jun 2005

click here

Just copy the url,paste it,and magically a 'click here' appears. - it'll save unnececessary background questions.

  User-312386 10:57 19 Jun 2005

That you have not formatted your HDD

If you have formatted then you will need a windows 98 disc as the CABS files would have been locked and therefore if you have formatted then you have destroyed the Hidden partition that was made by DELL

  AJ25 10:58 19 Jun 2005

madboy33. Yes I do have the boot disk (floppy) and I have to other CD's that came with it (Dell resource CDs) and I have the Windows 98 CD

  Joe R 10:59 19 Jun 2005


change your first boot priority to cd-rom, with the cd inserted, save and reboot, and when you get the prompt, if it is A:> type in directly after D:> if it comes up with bad command type in E:> then you should be able to run the "format C:" command.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:05 19 Jun 2005

The boot disk you had with the system probably is for a system restore. You probably DO NOT have a CD to restore the system.

If you format the HDD you will lose the operating system that is backed up in a hidden partition.

Boot from your floppy and see if there is a file called restore or simular on it.

Running restore will put the system back to the day you bought it.

If you want to completely start again without any of DElls software then yu must have:

1. All the drivers for the machine

2. A copy of windows98se on CD and the COA number

Download a win 98se boot disk from click here and amke a boot floppy from the image file.

Boot with floppy select with CD support and at the A:\ prompt type format c: /s this will copy system files to the hard drive.

Asuuming D: is the CD rom drive type E:/ enter (the loaded tools put the CD drive letter back one letter)

At the E:\prompt type setup to install windows

  Joe R 11:10 19 Jun 2005

Fruit Bat /\0/\,

in his first posting AJ25, states that he has the windows 98 cd.

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