Format external USB drive - How do I do it?

  CLONNEN 17:37 10 Jun 2005

I want to upgrade my Pockey USB drive to a higher capacity. The 2.5 inch hard disk it came with is only 10GB. I have bought a 80GB 2.5" drive to replace it but when I install the new 80GB drive into the Pockey case and plug it into the USB port Windows XP does not detect the drive as a drive letter in My Computer. It only shows in Device Manager and its removal icon appears in the system tray.

When I plug it into Windows ME I can force a drive letter on it through the Device Manager but when I click on it in My Computer it says the drive needs formatting. However when I attempt to do a format (I have tried both Quick erase and the Full option) it keeps telling me it is unable to format the drive. The drive Porperties show that the disk is unformatted RAW.

Can anyone tell me how I can format the external USB drive as FAT32 which is the format the old drive was using. The USB drive is not recognised by my normal partitioning program which is Paragon Partition Manager - it only sees the formatted drives.

  woodchip 17:40 10 Jun 2005

Go to Control Panel\Admin look for disc management you can Partition format the drive there. and give it a letter there

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  CLONNEN 17:44 10 Jun 2005

I have tried Disk Management in Windows XP but the drive does not show there.

Like I said in the earler post it does not give it a drive letter in XP at all.

  woodchip 17:55 10 Jun 2005

You have to give it a letter in disc management before you can do anything. can you see the disc in there

  CLONNEN 17:59 10 Jun 2005

HOW do I give it a drive letter when there is nothing in the XP Device Manager which allows me to choose one.

  CLONNEN 18:00 10 Jun 2005

It does not show in Disk Management AT ALL. Ther are only lines for the internal hard disk drives.

  woodchip 18:09 10 Jun 2005

Have you tried Admin in Control Panel? not Device Manager

  CLONNEN 18:17 10 Jun 2005

I have been to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management (no USB drive detected). Is there anywhere else in Administartive Tools I should be looking?

  rawprawn 18:34 10 Jun 2005

Yes when you are in Computer Management click on Disc Management it should be there.Then you can format.

  CLONNEN 18:38 10 Jun 2005

It is not in the Disk Management screen. There are entries for all my internal hard disk drives but there is NO ENTRY for the USB drive. (It is switched on by the way - just in case you are wondering).

  CLONNEN 18:43 10 Jun 2005

The system tray icon says "No drives detected" when I hover the mouse over it. Don't know if that is supposed to mean anything. I assume it is referring to the fact that the drive isn't formatted.

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