Format DVDs

  Ancient Learner 20:32 05 May 2005

No doubt it is obvious, However, I can't seem to be able to find out how to do that. I use XP SP2 and Nero 6.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I seem to remember that in ME this was shown on a right click on the drive. In XP there's nothing there for either CDs or DVDs.

  Ancient Learner 21:41 05 May 2005

Try Again

  stalion 21:42 05 May 2005

only thing I can find in nero is click on dvd and there is an option to erase disc

  DieSse 22:05 05 May 2005

You don't need to format CD-R or DVD +R or DVD -R.

Formatting is only an issue or RW (Re-Writable) blanks.

WindowsXP does not require you to format RW blanks before you write to them.

If you use Nero InCD, in order to use the blank like any other drive, then you do need to format them. I don't actually use InCD - so I can't look for, but I imagine you will find the format option if you run InCD

  bretsky 22:33 05 May 2005

XP does not support DVD recordable or rewritable media thats why you have to use third party software like Nero or Roxio, if you right click on you DVD drive you will see format, if you click on this, a window will pop up and in my case Roxio with "drag to disc" and this then gives you the option to format the DVD rewritable media, recordable media does not require formatting.

I also use this click here which supports most DVD/CD recording formats.

bretsky ;0)

  lightfeet 23:13 05 May 2005

Open Nero StartSmart, click at top to show DVD then click Data icon (picture of a page with turned over corner) second from left & you will see "Format/Prepare Rewritable DVD". Hope this helps

  Ancient Learner 15:18 06 May 2005

I can see that this is not going to be as easy as I thought it might be.

I am dealing with new DVD+RW disks.

I use Nero BackItUp for a scheduled back up regime.

If I use a previously used DVD+RW disk, I am asked whether I want to format the disk before a new burn takes place. That is fine. But, if I use a new DVD+RW disk nothing happens. I have been getting round this, by doing a quick burn of a file, which presumably gets the disk formatted, and then using it for the back up. However this does seem a convoluted way of going about it and I thought that there should be a better way of doing it.

Right clicking the DVD drive shows no option to format.

Using Nero Reloaded, there is no such option under 'Data' unfortunately, only 'make Data DVD' and 'Make Bootable DVD' and 'Make UDF DVD' and finally 'Make UDF/ISO DVD'. In the 'extras, there is an option to erase a DVD as stalion says, but that does nothing to a new DVD, not unreasonably.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Perhaps I was at fault for not making my problem clearer at the beginning. Sorry.:))

  BigMoFoT 15:44 06 May 2005

to use the erase re-writable disk option - when nero opens click on cancel and then choose the recorder option from the menu at the top and choose erase re-writable disk

  Completealias 17:29 06 May 2005

Put your RW in the drive open nero buring ROM and then recorder / erase rewritable disc. The erase rewritable disc box will pop up and ask if you wish to do a quick erase or full. I'd choose the full one myself as this will phisically format the drive.

  Completealias 17:43 06 May 2005

thats disc rather than drive oopps

  TomJerry 17:43 06 May 2005

if you want to format and use DVD+-RW as a big floppy

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