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  Gary Wood 14:24 27 Jan 2007

I have a Panasonic DMR-EX85 DVD standalone DVD recorder. I've recently bought some dual layer DVD+R disks. The DVD recorder struggles to format these. Most times it fails (doesn't write anything to the disk at all), though occasionally it is successful.

Once the disk has been successfully formatted, the Panasonic recorder has no problems adding video to it, and operates normally.

What I'd like to be able to do is format the disks using my computer, which doesn't seem to have any problems, and then insert them into the Panasonic recorder to add video.

Does anyone know if this is possible and how I can achieve it?



  Totally-braindead 14:45 27 Jan 2007

A friend of mine has a Panasonic DVD recorder, no idea of the model number but he emailed Panasonic about his not being able to read disks created on his computer and was told it was because the format the PC used and the format Panasonic used were different and not compatible so he gave up. His is about 2 years old by the way.
You could try it, worse case scenario is you lose a disk or email Panasonic and ask, unless someone on the Forum has the same recorder as yours and can provide a solution.

  Gary Wood 14:52 27 Jan 2007

The problem is that I don't know what format the Panasonic uses. I'm sure if I could find out, there'd be a way to do the same thing with the computer.

  postie24 16:21 27 Jan 2007

Try a different brand of dual layer discs,if sometimes it works as you say,could be just the make of the media its struggling with


  Totally-braindead 16:27 27 Jan 2007

I did find all the info I needed on the Panasonic website and forums that dealt specifically with DVD recorders but it was long ago I no longer have the links in my favourites so you would have to look.
In Panasonics defence they did reply the next day to the queries by email.

  tarkus 16:49 27 Jan 2007

might be going slightly mad here but you don't need to format DVD+R discs as these are record once only disks.
are you sure you don't mean DVD+RW disks which are rewritable and do need to be formated not sure but also haven't seen any DualLayer RW disks only DualLayer +/- R disks, but i could well be wrong but haven't seen any at computer fairs which i go to once per week.

  Totally-braindead 16:50 27 Jan 2007

tarkus you're right. I never noticed that. DOH!

  postie24 17:09 27 Jan 2007

Have i missed something here,Gary wood mentions dual layer dvd+r,not dual layer rw discs


  Totally-braindead 17:14 27 Jan 2007

postie24 I think I am correct in saying this unless Panasonics are different. If I recorder something using my standalone Liteon DVD recorder and I use either a DVD-R or a +R I do not need to format it first. I only need to format a RW disk. Panasonics also use RAM disks which may need formatted I'm not sure.
A DVD+R dual layer disk should not need to be formatted at all, at least not in my recorder.

  postie24 17:19 27 Jan 2007

Totally-braindead,you are totally correct in what your saying, i just couldnt understand why tarkus mentioned dual layer rw discs,


  Gary Wood 17:28 27 Jan 2007

With the Panasonic, it IS necessary to format DVD+R disks before recording to them (though DVD-Rs don't require formatting).

When I insert a blank DVD+R, the recorder prompts me to format it, and then it works fine. With the dual layers, I see exactly the same prompt, and it says that the formating has been sucessful, but then when I try and record on the disk it says it is not formatted and prompts me to format it again!

A couple of disks did work after several attempts. Once they are formatted, they seem to work perfectly, which is what made me think that if I could get them formatted by some other means (i.e. using my computer) then the DVD recorder may not have a problem with them.

I have actually ordered another brand to see what happens with that, but just really wanted to try and find a way to avoid wasting the ones I've already got.


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