format disk - insufficient memory

  Newuser819 19:17 06 Apr 2003

A computer using Windows ME suddenly and repeatedly locked up in the bootup process, but gave no error message.

It is not possible to start in safe mode, nor is it possible to run scandisk. An error message says immediately " Scandisk encountered a data error while reading the FAT on drive C."

Finally, using the startup disk, an attempt to format the disk has not been possible as an "Insufficient memory" message occurs.

The computer is not connected to the Internet, no new programmes have been added and none deleted. No changes have been made to any settings or system files.

This would appear to be a hardware error but what is likely to have failed?

Any help most welcome.

  spikeychris 19:34 06 Apr 2003

Could be you Master boot record click here for a few options.


  Newuser819 14:21 07 Apr 2003

Thanks for suggestions. I will try these out and let you know the result.


  BlueMeanie 19:47 09 Apr 2003

Memory problem, can be a old type of virus in DOS hogging memory, try a goos virus scanner.

FDISK /MBR can remove some boot sector virus.

Boot up the PC from COLD using a "Clean" boot disk, do not allow the PC to use its hard drive to boot-up.

  Newuser819 16:10 10 Apr 2003

To Spikey Chris

Many thanks once again for your suggestions. Itwas option 3 that did the trick (fdisk,delete partitions and recreate partitions). This enabled the operating system to be reloaded.

Thanks also to the later suggestion, but no virus could have entered the system as it was used.

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