format cd-rw

  emmos 18:09 03 Mar 2004

Please bear with me but do I need to format a cd-rw disc before I can use it, I am running xp - how do I do it. Dave

  hugh-265156 18:26 03 Mar 2004

you can just use it as need to format it before use,just use like a normal cdr unless you want to use packet writing(which i know nothing about sorry)

  hugh-265156 18:28 03 Mar 2004
  GaT7 18:34 03 Mar 2004

"You can format a CD-RW if you want to, but it depends on how you are going to use it. In other words, you don't format it because it's a ReWritable (as opposed to Recordable) disk, you format it if you want to use it in a certain way."

Above extract taken from "CR-RWs need to be Formatted"
click here for the full article.

Hope this helps...

  GaT7 19:46 03 Mar 2004

Just thought I'd cut through all the jargon & add the following...

Formatting a cd-rw (or cd-r) makes it behave much the same as a floppy or hard disk.

With a 'formatted' cd-rw (or cd-r) you can DIRECTLY copy/delete/alter/'drag & drop' files just like you'd do on your hard disk, WITHOUT (usually*) having to open/run your cd-writing software. You have to TRY IT to see how easy, quick & convenient it is!

If you need to, you can also 'unformat' a cd-rw by simply using your software's CD-eraser (i.e., the CD-eraser that comes with 'DirectCD' in Easy CD Creator or 'InCD' in Nero).

Using a formatted CD does have some down sides - the integrity of the copied data can sometimes be fragile & one cannot access the files at the command prompt in MS-dos. But DON'T let this stop you from giving it a try!

(*I've mentioned "usually" above as it works like a charm on my Win98se PC but on a friend's WinXP system it's not quite so straightforward! As you're with Win XP, please tell us if YOU have better luck)

  emmos 21:33 03 Mar 2004

Is there any software on xp to format the cd with. Dave

  GaT7 22:48 03 Mar 2004

Sorry for the delay - I've been offline for a while.

I don't think there is.

If you're looking for a free alternative to Easy CD Creator (ECDC) & Nero, try DeepBurner (DB) - it's freeware. I'm not sure if it has a 'formatting' feature, but the download being less than 2Mb it's definitely worth a try. For DB's website click here

Let's know how you get on. If DB doesn't work I can give you the links to trial versions of ECDC & Nero. If you like either, buy the OEM version (less than £10) - I'll try to provide the links for these too.

Let us know how things go...

  woodchip 22:55 03 Mar 2004

To format a CDRW or a CDR you need InCD part of NERO, or Direct CD Part of Easy CD Creator. Both are Packet writing software

  emmos 16:28 04 Mar 2004

crossbow70, I downloaded the software you reccomended its very good for a freeby but it had no "formatting" feature, I managed to get a copy of roxio 5 then had to upgrade it to run my cd player and xp- everything is now working ok. cheers - Dave

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