Format CD-R/RW with Nero.

  albu 15:46 15 Apr 2007

Hi, Using Nero 5

When Nero formats a CD R or RW in UDF format, can that CDR/RW be read on another PC without Nero?

I use Nero/INCD to backup files to a CDRW and it just occurred to me would I be able retrieve my files on another PC without Nero.

Thanks for your advice.

  Terry Brown 15:53 15 Apr 2007

I assume you mean format a disk as a ram disk (INCD mode), as far as I am aware you will need to use Nero software to read it.
For the cost of CD's (about 20p each), you would be better off making permanent copies as these can normally be read on any computer and are more reliable the INCD RW disks.

  pj123 18:26 15 Apr 2007

You don't need to format any CD.

I don't even have InCD installed anymore.

Just use the CD-RW discs as Multisession.

If it is not formatted it can be read in any PC.

It might be worth mentioning that you can buy Nero 6 quite cheap from:

click here

Once you have installed it you can update it to the latest version 6 which is from:

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