format C partition and install windows?

  underworldmagic 00:46 21 May 2004


i have 5 partitions on my 250GB SATA hard drive, and i wanted to reformat only the C partition and reinstall windows on it. everything of windows and the programs are on C drive, all i have on the other partitions is normal data files.

i have not done a format before of only the C partition, i was wanting to know how i maybe able to achieve this without effecting the other partitions

you also have to remember that service pack 1 has made two of my partitions (because i have a 250GB hard drive XP only recognises about 120 i think - after SP1 i got another 100GB) im worried that by the reformat of C i will lose the information in the partitions of the 100GB from the SP1

can you help?

any links to a tutorial, or an explanation?



  Djohn 01:21 21 May 2004

click here This is an excellent guide to a clean install of windows. It is the same method for formating an existing O/S and then installing fresh. If you have a read through and as you scroll down the page you will see some small blue panels on the left. Click on these and they will enlarge to show you on-screen guide.

Please post back if you need any more help with the installation and as to your other question, Your other partitions will be safe and not affected with the format of C: dive but as always make a backup of any folder/files that are important. j.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:29 21 May 2004

go here click here:

this should help

  temp003 05:59 21 May 2004

Formatting the C drive and reinstalling XP on it will normally not affect the other partitions.

But in this case, I think you have raised a valid concern about reinstalling XP with the original CD. It will not see the complete size of the 250GB hdd, and I don't know how the reinstall will deal with the existing partition table. If it writes a new partition table, there is a risk you may lose the data on the data partitions. Installing SP1 later may or may not recover the old partitions.

Safest thing is to back up the existing data on the other partitions in any event.

The other thing which may work is to create an XP SP1 installation CD.

To do that, you will need to download the network installation version of SP1 (unless you have the SP1 CD), i.e. the full 130 odd MB download. Copy the original XP CD to a folder on your hard disk, slipstream the SP1 files into the folder, then burn the slipstreamed folder and other necessary files (including the bootsector of the original CD) on to a CD, which will become an XP SP1 installation CD.

Then boot up with new CD, select to install fresh copy of XP, and when shown the partitions on the hdd, make sure that all existing partitions are seen and recognised correctly. If so, you can proceed to select C to install XP to, and format it and proceed with installation. If the partitions are not recognised in XP Setup, you should stop (unless you have data partitions backed up).
click here (which also has links to screen shots for creating the new CD with different CD burning software).

Or click here, which includes a link to the download of the XP CD bootsector (so you don't need to extract the bootsector from the CD yourself).

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