format c drive

  Uncle Terry 17:10 15 Jan 2003
  Uncle Terry 17:10 15 Jan 2003

Reformatting Cdrive on Compaq Armada 1530 with only floppy drive (pc card cd drive) using W95 on floppy, I have original discs, after using system disc at the A prompt I get message: type in the name of the command interpreter(e.g., C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM) what should I type? after that will I go onto loading windows with the W95 discs?

  webtrader 17:35 15 Jan 2003

What way did you format drive
i.e. Format c: or format c: /s
I came across this about five years ago and i will have a think about it. I fixed it just trying to remember how?

  RobbyMac 17:42 15 Jan 2003

Try booting from floppy and then at the A prompt type sys C: (could be just C, can't remember). This then transfers the three hidden files to C drive and should boot to C: prompt. Then load Windows with setup.exe
Hope this helps Bob Mac
Or you could boot with floppy and go straight to D: (if that is cd rom) and use setup.exe
Best of luck

  woodchip 17:57 15 Jan 2003

depending what you have got win95a or win95b you may have to load cdrom drivers or use a win98 boot disc to load drivers so you can access cdrom in dos if you are loading from all floppy's then forget the above

  lionheartangel 21:15 20 Jan 2003

i have just re formatted my C drive, after doing this my hard drive will not accept any bootable discs, telling me there are missing dos extended files, i have tried to start computer from floppy also from win 98 cd rom , neither with any success,same error message, also my hard drive tells me it is a 7GB drive , when i purchased a 20GB drive, i would grately appreciate any help with this matter, thank you

  woodchip 22:49 20 Jan 2003

It look's like you may be limited to the size that is showing, it will be the bios with your computer being an old model. How old is your comp?

  woodchip 22:52 20 Jan 2003

PS it is sometimes possible to work round the above with Disc-overlay Software but you need to know what Hard Drive you have got, If the computer is not too old you may be able to update the bios so that it can recognise the whole disc

  hgrock 23:48 20 Jan 2003

format your HD with FORMAT C: /S this would transfeer the system files, but before that you should run FDISK delete any partitions and create a primary partition using 100% of the disk, if your bios or win 95 can handle 20GB if not you will have to create 2 partitions, I dont thing win 95 can handle 20GB, then you format.
restart without the floppy boot on c: then if windows are on floppy insert the disk with SETUP.EXE on it in the drive and type a: press the return key then type setup

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