123joey123 11:31 16 Jul 2010

I bought a copy on Windows 7 on Ebay from a 100% Ebayer but now Microsoft tell me it is a pirate copy. I want to get it off my computer. PLease, can someone tell me how to format W7. I tried from the Command menu but it would not give me permission. I cannot afford the £168 for a licence

  Chris_Byers 11:49 16 Jul 2010

You can simply boot from the W7 Install disk and when it comes to the disk install screen wipe the drive from there, or go to click here to download a whole raft of bootable dos setups that include the format tool\command.
In the meantime, you can still get good, genuine and well priced copied of Windows 7 for £80 upwards from
Never, ever, buy software or operating systems off eBay, unless you know the retailer is selling authentic copies (which is hard to tell at the best of times), or else...well, you know what happens.

  northumbria61 11:52 16 Jul 2010

With a disk in your CD/DVD drive - Start - Computer - right click the drive and then click FORMAT - clear the Quick Format box to perform a FULL format.

  northumbria61 12:00 16 Jul 2010

Take your choice of Windows 7 from here click here

  123joey123 12:11 16 Jul 2010

Thanks. I'm afraid right clicking Computer did not work as it said, You cannot format this volume.I'll try Chris's method. Thanks again

  123joey123 13:45 16 Jul 2010

One more question, if I may test your patience.
I read the way to format is to go to,Manage, Storeage, Disc management and right click to format. When I do this, the word, Format, is greyed out. Any suggestions on this gratefully received.

  gengiscant 14:47 16 Jul 2010

If you have a Vista or XP disc boot from that and format your disc using it. I assume you will be using another operating system,either one of the above.

  123joey123 15:17 16 Jul 2010

I tried that but it won't work because the computer says it has a newer version, i.e. and won't boot up

  gengiscant 16:16 16 Jul 2010

Maybe something here,click here

or you could slave your drive to another PC and format the harddrive that way.

  Graham. 19:29 16 Jul 2010

You can't format the drive with the operating system on. You will have to create a partition using free space, then instal another operating system on that, making it a dual boot.

Using the new system, you can format the partion with 7.

  Graham. 19:31 16 Jul 2010

Get a refund from the eBay seller.

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