format 2nd hard drive

  wigg 21:59 20 Mar 2004

just put in a second hd how do I get xp pro to see it, any guidance gratefully recieved.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:07 20 Mar 2004

Check the device manager. If not there, see if it has the correct jumper settings (i.e. as master / slave).

If in the device manager, go to disk manager (right click on my computer and choose manage) and from there you can format it.

  LastChip 22:08 20 Mar 2004

Provided you have fitted it correctly (set the jumper?) Drive Manager in XP should see it and it can be partitioned and formatted from there.

  keith-236785 22:08 20 Mar 2004

have you set your bios to detect the second drive?

then you will need to fdisk the drive to make it available to windows. then you can format it.

Just make sure you fdisk the right drive.

  Djohn 22:21 20 Mar 2004

Right click on your "My Computer Icon choose manage then "Disk management" You will now see your new drive. Right click on the new drive and partition as a whole or in as many separate partitions as you require then right click again and choose "format".

XP will now format the drive/s for you and then it will show in your "My Computer" and be ready for use. j.

  wigg 22:34 20 Mar 2004

got it set on cs as per maxtor recomendation is this ok bios has detected it . wigg

  Djohn 22:37 20 Mar 2004

Yep! CS is fine. Both my hard drives and both CDRW/DVD drives are Cable select. j.

  wigg 22:59 20 Mar 2004

once again my problems are solved, many thnks to all,it's good to know there's somebody there.

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