Format a 160gb Hard Drive to FAT32

  vandango 15:37 08 Jul 2007

Hello. I have put a 160gb hard drive into an external hard drive case that will be connected to my router. The problem is the external enclosure only supports FAT32 rather than ntfs. I've managed to move all my files off it but cant figure out how to format the whole drive to FAT32 i can only do it in 32gb parititions which I dont wanna do. Anyone know a way around this? Look forward to some help/instructions.


  woodchip 15:41 08 Jul 2007

Never heard about connecting a Hard Drive to a router! you can connect it to the comp and then do it

  vandango 15:44 08 Jul 2007

It's an external hard drive enclosure that connects to a router as a network drive. Like an external hard drive

  woodchip 15:48 08 Jul 2007

You still need to do it on a Computer. Unless if you can see the drive in My Computer, Right Click the drive then choose Format choose Fat32. If that does not work, you will need to take the drive out and fit it in the comp as slave then format before fitting back in the box

  vandango 15:53 08 Jul 2007

I can see it through my computer but xp will only allow it to be formatted in NTFS not FAT32

  €dstowe 15:54 08 Jul 2007

There is a limit to the size of FAT 32 partitions and it's a lot less than 160GB. That means that if you are going to utilise the full capacity of the drive, it will have to be in numerous partitions which rather defeats the object of having that large size drive.

Check the details before you do anything irrevocable with the drive. For example, what makes the external enclosure only support FAT 32? I've never heard of this.

  vandango 16:01 08 Jul 2007

It says 'because the LAN disk has to fulfill different OS system requirements it can only support the FAT32 file system'

what a load of junk! might have to take it back! I'll see if it'll work as NTFS and just share the drive and hook it via usb to my main computer

  woodchip 16:02 08 Jul 2007

You could format it with Acronis Disc Dirctore suit 10 as a full 160 drive at Fat32. But as above partition it as that works out the cheap way to do it

  ICF 16:18 08 Jul 2007

Some media drive enclosure are limited to Fat 32
Partion magic can swap between formats.

  Jake_027 16:49 08 Jul 2007

'because the LAN disk has to fulfill different OS system requirements it can only support the FAT32 file system'

This basically means that if you want to use it with a mac, windows me or 98, or a linux pc you have to have it FAT32 in order for them to be able to see the Hard Drive. However, if you are only using xp and vista and see no need in the future to connect it to any of the aforementioned, then it should be ok to format at NTFS, which is more reliable and can cope with bigger partions and files above 4GB. Wait for more responses, but thats the only reason I can see for it to be FAT32. Don't take my word completely though!

  vandango 17:02 08 Jul 2007

It defo doesn't work as a LAN disk connected to my router in NTFS format. My two options are to use some software to remove the partitions in FAT32 or plug it into a computer via usb and share the entire drive.

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