formalt a HDD,best way

  iqs 10:16 17 Jun 2008


I have a 160GB internal IDE HDD,that was replaced with a SATA HDD.

The HDD has XP installed.

What is the best way to remove XP,and format the HDD to use an an external HDD or a internal backup HDD.

I just want to re-format,not install an OS.


  Technotiger 10:30 17 Jun 2008

Place the IDE HD in one of these, click here then when connected via USB you can right-click on its icon and choose to Format NTFS.

  norman47 10:37 17 Jun 2008

If the drive is still in the machine and you are booting off the SATA hard drive.

Right click my computer > manage > disk management. Right click the drive and pick format.

If the drive is not in the machine. Move the jumper on the rer to slave. insert it in the machine and do the above.

  gazzaho 11:38 17 Jun 2008

If the drive is plugged into the last socket on an IDE cable it's better to set the jumper to master, that way if you get another drive you can set the jumper on it to slave and plug it into the middle socket without having to adjust the existing drive jumper.

  iqs 13:48 17 Jun 2008

and thanks for the help.I have just ordered a HDD enclosure from novatech,will be collecting tomorrow,hopefully prob solved.Once again thanks

  dfb70uk 15:31 17 Jun 2008

I didn't think it was a good idea to mix SATA and IDE drives. If it is I would use my old IDE drive too .

  iqs 21:46 17 Jun 2008

told the same dfb70uk,how true is this forum members?

  gazzaho 22:41 17 Jun 2008

If the motherboard has both SATA and IDE sockets then how can it be bad to use both? I don't have a system that runs SATA drives yet, but I was planning to use the IDE drives from my old system in the new one I'm waiting on arriving. The motherboard manual states it has 6 SATA sockets and 1 PRI-IDE socket which means I can use 2 IDE devices. As long as it's used as a data drive there shouldn't be a problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:45 17 Jun 2008

There is NO PROBLEM mixing drives.

  gazzaho 23:01 17 Jun 2008

The only problem I know of with SATA drives is the driver issue when installing windows without a floppy drive, as windows doesn't have SATA drivers incorperated you have to install them from floppy before windows will install on a machine with a SATA drive as the boot device, that and installing the OS onto the SATA drive before installing the other IDE drives in order not to confuse windows as to which is the boot drive, if you already have windows installed to a SATA drive there shouldn't be a problem adding an IDE drive at all.

  iqs 13:34 18 Jun 2008

I installed XP on a new build,the HDD was a 250GB SATA.I thought I would need to SATA drivers,or set the SATA connection to IDE from the BIOS.

But neither was required,the BIOS detected the HDD,and XP installed without any problems.


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