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  babybell 13:53 11 Jan 2006

I would like a page on my website where people can fill in a simple form with their details and upload a picture which will the get placed on the gallery section of my website. How simple would this be to do?

  babybell 17:55 11 Jan 2006


  harristweed 19:00 11 Jan 2006

Quite simple, if you have PHP.

  babybell 22:52 11 Jan 2006


  harristweed 08:25 12 Jan 2006

I'm afraid if you don't know what php is. It will be difficult for you to achieve what you want to add to your site.

There are lots of tutorials on the web that explain how to upload photos. Have a look at this one.

click here

  Taran 12:16 12 Jan 2006

you can use its built in File Upload form field and when you publish your site, as long as your web host supports FrontPage Server Extensions, people can send you images, Word documents and whatever else you tell the form it is allowed to send.

NetObjects Fusion 9 also features advanced form fields with no programming knowledge required. It uses pre-built PHP and ASP form handlers which you can publish to any web host that supports either of those two languages.

Aside from that you will have to follow various tutorials along the lines of the one linked to by harristweed or you can download a lot of free scripts that can do it for you, as long as you can get your head around configuring them: click here

  babybell 19:19 12 Jan 2006

I do have FP 2003 and have been playing around with the form fields and i think i can make that work. However, i want to add a gallery section but where it shows one picture at a time and people give it a rating out of 10, when they do, the next one is shown. Can that be done easily?

  Taran 00:34 14 Jan 2006

No, this is not something that is an easy prospect.

There are several ways you could go about it but I'd suggest a preconfigured script - this will save you trying to reinvent the wheel.

Many scripts exist for forums, discussion groups, image galleries and so on. Before we go charging off into that territory it would be worth spending some time making decisions about what your requirements are.

Will people have to register to use this facility ?

Will it be open to anyone who wants to use it without registration ?

Will the rankings have any function in the long run (perhaps to sort images by the most popular).

There are lots of possible inclusions you may like - I can only begin to guess at your requirements.

Take a look at click here and runa few searches for gallery, membership and user registration scripts in the language of your choice. PHP or CGI are probably your best bet but you should check with your web host first to find out what they support.


  babybell 15:46 15 Jan 2006

Thank you for your input. I will not be requiring people to register before using the gallery section and a ranking system would be good but not essential. It would be nice if the pictures in the gallery were shown in a randon order, as if i have hundreds of pictures uploaded, i don't want only the first 30 to ever get looked at and the rest not if you know what i mean

  Taran 22:22 15 Jan 2006

The trouble is you want certain things that individually are not that hard but together become quite complex.

You want file uploads, the ability to vote on and rate an image, presumably the gallery side of things would be automated, where an uploaded image would have a thumbnail generated and the person uploading it could add descriptive text.

The easy way out of this is to ditch the voting/rating idea, have people email their picture and a description of it to you, and use the built in tools in FrontPage to create an image gallery.

If you want much more than that you're either going to have to start getting clever with code or use one of the preconfigured and readily available scripts out there.

That's why I said you need to carefully consider what you want and make some decisions based on that.

It's too easy to have a great idea that you'd like to include, then another, then another, and pretty soon you get bogged down in the 'how' without making much headway.

  walesrob 18:35 16 Jan 2006

I've had the same nightmare of creating a webform with a file upload field, and I had no end of hassle.

This is the best solution I came up with:
Create form in FP2003, and configure images to be sent to a folder on the server.
Then configure the form email results to notify you of the location of the pictures.
There are several advantages to this: images stay on the server, they can be downloaded locally anytime, and you never get them mixed up or confused with someone else's email form.
I'll agree with Taran, its easy to get a great idea from the client for a website, but sometimes impossible to implement....

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