forgotten password

  eysha1 10:07 14 Mar 2014

I have a Samsung notebook and have forgotten the password to it as it doesn't get used much. How can I get into the netbook and change the delete the password? My memory is going so I think no more passwords is advisable. Thanks in advance E

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:41 14 Mar 2014

Is this a password to get into Windows or into the machine as a whole?

  BT 12:27 14 Mar 2014

I can never see the need to password PCs that are not put into a situation where they might be accessed by anyone else. I have used computers since the advent of the Home computer (Spectrum) and have never needed to lock them against intrusion by family members. We have our own accounts on the Desktop and our own individual Laptops.

I realise that some people need to keep things private but using Passwords to lock computers unnecessarily seems superfluous considering the number of posts we see similar to the OP.

  eysha1 13:13 14 Mar 2014

Fruit Bat it is a Samsung NC110. It didn't come with a disk or a disk drive. Was wondering if I could get in to it via safemode but don't know how to do that. I didn't password it, it was done on the advice of the shop as I was told they are easily stolen so I simply too advice. I have been back to the shop but of course they don't remember what they did so I am stuck.

I don't use it much, it's a backup for uni and website only so not been used in a few months now.

Any advice would be great FruitBat and many thanks in advance.

BT, thanks for the help, at least my post gave you the chance to air your opinion.

  Jollyjohn 13:39 14 Mar 2014

Google for Password reset disc. Then download it, usually an iso file, burn it to a cd, boot from cd. Look for the option to Unlock Admin account or similar.

I cannot be more specific because I can't remember where I downloaded ths file from and Password reset disc is all I have written on it but it works.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:01 14 Mar 2014

A password reset disk only works if you make it t the sametime you make the password.

There are password crackers for windows passwords, this sounds more like you have set a password to sop the machine from booting.

You may be able to get it back by resetting to factory settings but you will lose all data on the machine. try tapping F4 as it powers on to get to restore settings. Samsung restore

Another possible way is to strip the laptop and see if there is a set of pins labeed RTC and short fror approx 3 seconds.

or this site will sell you a master password (don't know how reliable ths is)

Didn't you have to recover this machine this time last year or was that your daughter's?

  eysha1 15:31 14 Mar 2014

Yes that was my daughters machine at the time. I tend to get asked about computers and I have to ask on here as I don't know enough, well very little really. Can I not get in via safe mode?

  imendpc 15:46 14 Mar 2014

"eysha1" There are various way to do this , quite safe but may need a bit of skill and knowledge. Samsung NC110 runs Windows 7 starter and has a 320GB hard disk! First of all you did not say when you were prompted for a password. When you started up your laptop did you see almost immediately (within about 30 secs) a black screen with a password prompt? If you did not see this, then after some minutes, did you experience Windows 7 starting up and then the password prompt is here?

  Jollyjohn 11:29 15 Mar 2014


This is the utility I use click here it to a cd, boot from cd, unlock admin account, rebbot and you should be able to access your account.


  imendpc 16:14 16 Mar 2014

"Jollyjohn"'s answer is good. Good for it if it is the Windows password that you have lost (except for Windows 8 where you have used a Microsoft account) and you have no Windows Password recovery disk prepared. There is another method but needs you to know how to use the DOS Command Prompt interface and comfortable with navigating the file structure using DOS commands.

  eysha1 15:43 17 Mar 2014

Thanks for all the help. I didn't get a message saying there were more replies sorry. I decided to set it back to factory settings as I am not too good on laptops tech stuff.

My next question would be how do I divide the hard drive so I can keep stuff on another drive safely? Many thanks E.

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