Forgetful memory

  Malric 02:52 04 Oct 2009


Seem to be having some issues with my RAM. I just took out 2x 1gb (800) sticks and replaced with 2x 2gb (1066) ones, but my PC doesnt always seem to recognise them.

When I run dxdiag it comes up with 3582mb of ram (32bit vista only) but I've done some benchmarking (e.g. pc mark) and it only seems to recognise "available ram" as 2387mb.

Also, i'm playing a few games at the moment (Aion for one) and noticed that in some sessions it runs smoothly everywhere, other times it plays like it did before i installed the new ram and FPS drop to half ish.

I'm wondering if either I didnt slot them in correctly or perhaps my motherboard cant handle the 1066? Have a gigabyte 965pds3p, duo 2.4, 8800GTS.

Any help appreciated!!

  antony.dandrea 07:27 04 Oct 2009

Its more to do with whether your computer is compatible with them rather than the motherboard. What computer do you have?

  Malric 09:05 04 Oct 2009


It was essentially a custom build. What components are likely to be incompatible? I assumed the motherboard would be the most likely, but dxdiag seems to indicate that 3.5gb are recognised.

The other thing that threw me was when I did the windows perfomance test and my score for memory actually went *down* from 5.3 to 5.2 since installing the new ram.

Wondering if the connection might not be 100% so might try re-trying plugging them in.

Cheers for any help.

  BRYNIT 09:56 04 Oct 2009

Some info on using 4gb RAM on a 32bit system click here

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