Forget Firefox and IE, try this browser

  SimonC 13:59 11 Sep 2005

Hello, dunno if this has been posted before but I just had 2 share this just in case.........go to this website click here and download this awesome IE based browser with the best pop-up blockers I have ever witnessd. Give it a go wot have u 2 lose its totally free with an option 2 donate. Test it out on this site click here
It has the best example of tabbed browsing I have ever used. I've only had this browser installed about an hour and it is already the only browser I will ever use again.

Have fun


  smy13 19:29 20 Sep 2005

I've been reading so rave review of this Maxthon Browser what the view from the forum, is it as good a firefox? how secure is it ect.......
Be intersted in anyone views

  GaT7 19:40 20 Sep 2005

smy13, Maxthon runs on IE basically, as SimonC mentions, " this awesome IE based browser.." - so it has the same or similar security problems as IE.

If you've tried Avant browser (click here) before it's not very much different. I prefer Avant to Maxthon, but there are probably many out there that would say just the reverse. g

  GaT7 19:49 20 Sep 2005

Someone recently posted that Opera was free click here. May be you should give that a go too. G

  octal 19:54 20 Sep 2005

This is from the minimum system requirements "Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5" therefore its just an IE skin with IE running underneath.

  Stuartli 23:02 20 Sep 2005

I've tried Opera and still prefer Firefox...:-)

It's even better when tweaked with Firetune Firefox which saves a lot of manual configuration through about:config.

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