foreign email

  busbybabe1 15:18 27 Mar 2003

i have been trying to send email to lanzarote and am having no succses

  €dstow 15:22 27 Mar 2003

I regularly send emails all over the world and as long as you have the email address correct, it makes little difference where they are going. Are you sure the address you are using is the right one?


  powerless 15:23 27 Mar 2003

What are you using to send the email? For example Outlook Express...

What Operating system are you using? For Example Windows XP...

Who is your ISP? For Example Freeserve...

Are you using a Firewall? For Example Zonealarm...

Are you running Anit Virus? For Example Norton AV 2003...

Do you recieve any error messages?

  busbybabe1 15:29 27 Mar 2003

the email is correct its a buisness adress
i am sending it through aol im not sure about virusis etc

  powerless 15:34 27 Mar 2003

As i do not use AOL i cannot really help you as i do not use it so dont know about the settings etc.

It is possible that AOL are having problems with there mail side of thngs. Or the address where your sending the email is having problems.

Send an email to yourself to see if theres a problem with AOL's side.

  €dstow 15:40 27 Mar 2003

You could try sending through a web based service such as Hotmail, Yahoomail or Operamail. There are loads of others.


  busbybabe1 16:09 27 Mar 2003

thanks ed ill try later and let u know how i get on

  stlucia 16:15 27 Mar 2003

I use AOL and have never had a problem with sending world-wide emails -- once it's got into your provider's system it makes no difference whether the address is next door or next planet.

As Powerless says, put yourself (have you got a work email address you can use?) as a copy-to address on the email to check that it's going out okay.

Is there an attachment on the email? Many businesses block emails which have certain types of attachments such as .exe files. You can get over this by renaming the attachment to some meaningless extension (.abc), and instructing the recipient to rename it to read or use it.

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