Force to restart in 1 minute

  blurdevil 15:24 29 Aug 2004

I was planing to run a Adware scan when i found out that my IE auto directs me to some website whatever address I enter. when I run Adware personal SE ... It went on smooth and then a Error message came out

"Windows must now restart because the Remote Procedure Call(PRC) service terminated unexpectally"

I am running windows XP Professional and I just formatted my pc a week ago and the last program i installed is DAP.

Hope u guyz out there and gimme a solve for this error. Thankz in advance for spending ur time helping me solve. Thankz.

  Mister Splendid©®™! 15:44 29 Aug 2004

go to click here and download removal tools for blaster and welchia worms. Run those removal tools and get all the security updates from click here and your problem should go away. After getting the security updates run the removal tools again.

  LMcG 15:56 29 Aug 2004

The same thing happened to me after formatting my PC. I think the virus/worm infected the pc when I went the Microsoft update site to download various updates. I had to reformat a few times because it kept happening and I didn't know why. Finally had the bright idea to turn on the firewall first before connecting to the internet and it worked fine after that.

  blurdevil 16:13 29 Aug 2004 is not changing anything...
izzit bcoz of my nortan antivirus a bit the old age ?? I am using nortan antivirus 2002 and nortan firewall 2002. I Installed both of this before i run any updates... but then nortan firewall keep promting the warning and i juz let it pass...i didnt noe which is which...

So wut shd I do ? shd i purchase the latest version or any good recomendation for anti virus and firewall ??

  mammak 16:25 29 Aug 2004

Hi blurdevil follow the link's as Mister Splendid©®™! has suggested,
And be sure to turn of system restore before scanning,and have read of my link below should give you some idea what's going on.
click here

  NawTBoi 16:31 29 Aug 2004

i think you have the sasser virus not the blaster worm, you will have to get the remover somehow from a disc as you will not have enough time online to get it if you only get 60 seconds. Sorry

  VoG II 16:55 29 Aug 2004

Start, Run, type in

shutdown -a

and click OK. This will stop it from shutting down. Then run Stinger click here and get patches as advised above.

  mammak 16:58 29 Aug 2004

Thank's VoG™ beat me to it again.

  blurdevil 17:02 29 Aug 2004

I check already is a sasser virus. but i cant run IE , bcoz of the auto direct to some wired webbie that it dont show anything. Is there anyway like uninstall the IE and reinstall ?? So that i can run the updates once again from microsoft ??

And just curious, how come i got this trojan, virus, what ever it calls ? with the firewall ( some unknown source i block it )

mammak : da link u gave i am now trying .., hope it will solve the problem.

hope more of u guyz out there could help me =(
currently i using opera to enter this forums getting my problem solve...

once again..thankz in advance

  blurdevil 17:04 29 Aug 2004

trying all the possible u guyz gave me...i will return with a news...

  blurdevil 17:05 29 Aug 2004

trying all the possible u guyz gave me...i will return with a news...

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