Footnotes in Columns?

  Expert 10:58 28 Feb 2003

Is it possible at all to arrange footnotes in columns in Word 2000? I am working on a large document which contains so many foreign names, to which I should add footnotes. Having more than 20 footnotes on each page, the documents looks clumsy as each page is divided into two halves: the top text one, and the bottom footnote one with all the footnotes in a row! As there are so many foreign names on each page and the document is large enough, it won’t seem appropriate to use endnotes instead. I have seen that in many books they arrange footnotes in columns so that the bottom section of each page (which contains footnotes) is both small in size and tidier. When I select the footnotes to arrange them in columns, the columns bottom on the toolbar goes grey, which means this command does not apply to footnotes. Any ideas how can I do the same in Word 2000? Thanks.

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:18 28 Feb 2003

Don't know if you can do columns, but a quick stab in the dark suggested to my mind that perhaps you could put a two column table in the footer and sort your end notes that way?

Haven't tried this so its only an idea!

  jazzypop 11:32 28 Feb 2003

click here , read the whole thread carefully

  Pesala 12:41 28 Feb 2003

I had the same problem years ago with a book.
I formatted the notes in three columns using WordPerfect. I did it by using WordPerfect's "Advance" feature which allowed one to advance the cursor position up and/or right relative to the current position. I created macros to automate the process, but it was still a bit tedious. However, at least the footnote numbering was automatic.

I would suggest using endnotes at the end of each chapter.

  Expert 15:49 28 Feb 2003

Thanks you all. I will try your sugestions. hope it will work!

  Expert 17:28 28 Feb 2003

I tried this:
“In the Footnote Text style, set left tab stops one-third and two-thirds of the way across the line (to effectively divide the line into three columns; or use a single tab to divide it into two columns). At the end of the first short note, insert a tab character. Display nonprinting characters and select just the paragraph mark of the note and format it as Hidden. You won't see any change while you have nonprinting characters displayed, but when you hide them again you'll see that the footnote below has jumped up onto the same line. Keep doing this with every other footnote (or two out of every three) until they're all in columns.”
But this just “displaces” the empty space on the right hand side of each footnote line to the bottom of the page. The main reason of arranging footnotes in columns, you know, is to save page space. Moreover, this “operation” takes lot of time, as for a 100 page document should be repeated 2000 times! I am just beginning to think to decide to forget it!
Any better idea? Thanks.

  Pesala 18:07 28 Feb 2003

If you format your page with two columns like a newsletter, can Word handle notes under each column? Otherwise, reformat your document for a smaller page size like A5, A6, or as a booklet on A4 PORTRAIT to avoid wasting space.

WordPerfect 9.0 can handle footnotes under columns very well. I have a booklet formated as A5 on A4 Landscape. I tried defining two columns on each page, then inserting footnotes. WordPerfect handles the footnotes separately under each column of text. If you wish, you can have three footnotes in column one, and five footnotes (or no footnotes) in column two. The notes under column two are numbered sequentially from four to eight. Notes wrap to more than one row without any problems. The space allowed for notes under each column expands separately to whateve is required.

  jazzypop 18:23 28 Feb 2003

Word formats footnotes to match the main text.

If the page is set up as two columns, the footnotes are setup as two columns.

Trying to get (say) three columns of footnotes under a single or two-column page involves some tedious kludges - as Expert has just found out :(

  Pesala 19:30 28 Feb 2003

It is the same in Wordperfect.

At least that would save 50% of the space used by footnotes. I wouldn't recommend three columns on an A4 page, but two would be fine.

  Expert 04:52 01 Mar 2003

Pesala and jazzypop

Thanks for your advice. I tried some other ways, as formatting the page into two or three columns, but when this is done, the so formatted page insists on being seperate from the main document, even you turn the "continous" page break on. I really did forget the job! Thanks a lot for your help.

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