football on PC

  geedad 12:54 30 Sep 2006

There is a Website offering at least 10 Premiership matches weekly together with many other chanels for a one-off charge of £4.95.
No subs are required, and no installation charges apply. Anyone using such a site with good results?

  picklefactory 13:10 30 Sep 2006

click here
I've been using it for a while with mixed results. It seems pretty good but I'm currently having some broadband issues which are affecting my streaming. It's £10 one off life membership. Today for instance there is a choice of 5 Premiership games to pick from. You have to download all the streaming TV software, but I have a feeling you can download them free off the web anyway. What you do get with this is a daily schedule of games available and a direct link to the correct channel/TV site that is showing that game. It's difficult to find them otherwise as most of the channels seem to be Chinese.

  geedad 13:29 30 Sep 2006

Thanks. I use Ntlworld Broadband, which is pretty good, what service do you use?
The football service I am offered is £4.95 - one-off, so it differs from yours. Perhaps it is better!!
Not a lot to lose if it does not meet expectations!

  picklefactory 13:40 30 Sep 2006

I'm on Plusnet up to 8mb.....for now, but having loads of issues lately, such that I'm struggling to stream at all. I was going to check out Bolton/Liv game on now before posting to you, but my speed is so crap right now that I couldn't get the buffer up.

  kevin1967 13:43 30 Sep 2006

You don't need to pay any money, it's all available free at click here

Currently watching Bolton v Liverpool

  geedad 14:05 30 Sep 2006

Went to the site but can only see data about matches - how do I view live?

  kevin1967 14:44 30 Sep 2006

You need to register, then go to the forum where you will find the downloads which will enable you to watch.

The guys on the forum are very helpful if you have a problem but you're best to read previous posts, play around a bit with the apps and then post any questions you might have.

  Thomo1 19:31 30 Sep 2006

click here

go to that site, and download the update file, make a folder somewhere in my docs and extract all files into it.

In the download are 4 streaming engines to dowload with direct links to the channels in the respective apps.

Use the link in a previous post to check the forum and tv guide and fire up the channel.


  Jim Thing 21:55 30 Sep 2006

McAfee Site Advisor doesn't sound too enthusiastic about this website...

  Thomo1 23:29 02 Oct 2006

no catch, have been using it for ages and never had a problem.

McAfee will be McAfee!!! lol

  geedad 20:59 03 Oct 2006

picklefactory,kevin1967,Thomo1 and Jim Thing.
Many thanks for your help and advice, I have managed to get many TV shows but as you say, it would be better if could understand Chinese. I'll look out for the Football TV over the weekend.

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