Fonts gone with XP install

  zoobie 08:00 20 Apr 2005

I just freshly installed WinXP and the fonts I've worked with since Win98se are gonzo. I've read the font overview and all that but can't seem to find where I get my fonts back. I think some came with IE6 too but I can't find that either.

  Pesala 08:27 20 Apr 2005

Presumably a fresh install of XP would clear the fonts folder, but perhaps the earlier fonts are still there, but not recognized. I read somewhere that XP has stricter rules about defective fonts. Fonts can be made to work with XP by using a font editor to change some fields.

  zoobie 08:52 20 Apr 2005

I looked...They're gone. Missing the advanced fonts that came with IE5.5 I think

  Diemmess 09:34 20 Apr 2005

Easy to be wise afterwards... Have you a friend who might have the specific fonts you miss most?

It is easily overlooked that all sorts of applications add to the Windows Fonts folder and these remain if the apps are uninstalled...... Then much later the whole lot are lost unless that folder has been saved elsewhere first.

  zoobie 10:03 20 Apr 2005 backup.
I never dreamed I'd have trouble getting them. Anyone have the advanced fonts to IE5.5 laying around?

  Diemmess 10:36 20 Apr 2005

Obviously you know best what it is that you have lost, and the irritation that comes from older documents which don't display properly without the original font.

On the other hand (said he), it's an opportunity to collect only the fonts you really use and not clutter Windows loading time with a host of stuff you never use.

If you want a specific font it is a help to name it exactly e.g. Arial bold italic.

  zoobie 12:03 20 Apr 2005

Well, there's no way I could remember all the font that came with IE5.5 so I guess I'm out sol

  vinnyT 13:15 20 Apr 2005

Hi, I realise this makes me look sad, but, I have all my old .Net cds'. Specifically, No. 89, which has IE5.5 sp2 on it.

If you want it send me an email with your address (that's your home addy, not email) and I'll get it in the post tomorrow.

Hope this helps.

  DieSse 13:34 20 Apr 2005

I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think IE has any specific fonts with it. It's much more likely that the missing fonts came with other software - Office installs many fonts, so do DTP packages and the like.

Have a look through old software that you haven't yet installed.

  Pesala 23:25 20 Apr 2005

This is a great link for your bookmarks: click here

For IE5: click here

  DieSse 23:46 20 Apr 2005

AS I thought all the IE5 fonts are in XP anyway. The links are very useful, Pesala - thanks.

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