Lionheart™ 21:33 29 Mar 2003

I am after some fonts, I am doing a web page for the pub/restaurant I work at and need these fonts click here the fonts I need are Millers and pub restaurant any one got any idea what they are.


  Nellie2 21:48 29 Mar 2003

Well I had a look at the source code and it listed
Ariel, Helvetica and sans-serif if that is any use to you!

  stickyman 22:05 29 Mar 2003

I use one which is almost the same called "Brush 445 BT"

  Lionheart™ 22:17 29 Mar 2003

Thanks Nellie2 but not the ones.

stickyman thats not to bad Brush 445 BT thanks.

  DieSse 02:15 30 Mar 2003

They may not actually be a font - since they are in a graphic, there's no way of knowing. I suggest you use anything that comes close.

BibleScrT comes close for the pub & rest bit I thought.

  -pops- 06:50 30 Mar 2003

Why do you want to copy someone else's menu? Be original, do something different and stand out.

Do the menus that others copy, don't copy yourself.


  Lionheart™ 13:04 30 Mar 2003

-pops- The Menu is one part of the corporate identity of Millers (S/N) and as such I do not have artistic licence over it.

  Lionheart™ 13:06 30 Mar 2003

Thanks to all.

  -pops- 13:29 30 Mar 2003

If, as you say, the work is for the company you are trying to emulate, they should be able to supply the artwork.

Take note of what DieSse says though. It is most likely a graphic. The fonts available on web pages are very few indeed.


  Lionheart™ 15:54 30 Mar 2003

-pops- Been waiting for them to get back to me for weeks. I agree with DieSse about it being a graphic.

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