Jimsplan 18:17 16 Dec 2005

Hi all I am new to this Forum after becoming a subscriber recently and hope I can get some help with the following that I have tried varios Forums before but not one reply yet now the problem, I have a Toshiba laptop that is wirelesly connected to this PC.
when I log on to a certain ISP it works fine as all others do except for one thing it also contains a Forum with the usaul links like this one all the links work ok apart from the Forums link, at first this looks okay until I scroll down this has like a magniyfng efect the further down I go the larger it gets until I have only room for a couple of fonts thier so big.
I have checked font Sizes and set them at "smallest" with no difference i tried the "largest" as well stll no difference

  Jimsplan 18:24 16 Dec 2005

sorry I never had enough space to say thanks and any help is appreciated
I know its not the not the ISP fault as it works fine on my PC as all other ISPs do on the Laptop
Yours Jimsplan

  VoG II 18:37 16 Dec 2005

Can you paste the web address here please so that we can see if we get the same problem.

  DieSse 19:27 16 Dec 2005

Is this scrolling with the mouse wheel, scolling using the scroll bar, or both?

  Jimsplan 19:52 16 Dec 2005

thanks for the replies the problem exists in either method of scrolling the ISP concerned is "" same as the magizine Web-user.

  VoG II 20:13 16 Dec 2005

This site? click here

I can't find a forum.

  Jimsplan 20:17 16 Dec 2005

Sorry I may have made a error it should have been

  VoG II 20:21 16 Dec 2005

It displays fine here in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Try a repair of IE.

  VoG II 20:21 16 Dec 2005
  Jimsplan 20:31 16 Dec 2005

done that andI have even unstalled all links to this IRL and reinstalled but had no change as you say it runs perfect on my PC. the Laptop also connects to the site with normal fonts its only if I choose the forum link that the error ocurs.

  Jimsplan 21:36 17 Dec 2005

Hi all. it seems I have drawn another blank as no one seems to know a remedy for me luckily its no big problem and understand unless someone could actuly view the Laptop its more or less unbelievable but at least some one did try to help that was more than the other forums even a Email to Web-user failed a reply.
Cheers and thanks for the effort
Cheers Jimsplan

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