Font size on this site

  wadham 13:36 21 Mar 2004

Going to 'view'- 'text size' has no effect for me. Can I get bigger size. Have tried Viagra

  bremner 13:45 21 Mar 2004

I assume you are on IE6 - You could try Opera, it has a built in magnify facility and 120% suits me fine.

  muscic lover 14:12 21 Mar 2004

you can try to use the disability assets in windows. You can choose to magnify the section where your cursor is. Try it out?!
Good luck.

  Pesala 14:19 21 Mar 2004

This is how it looks for me in Opera 7.50 click here I usually have my zoom set to 150% for this forum.

  Stuartli 15:33 21 Mar 2004

If you got to Accessibility from Prgrams>Accessories you will find the Windows magnifier.

This may help you as you can alter the level of magnification.

The only other way I can think of is to temporarily switch your display resolution to a lower setting, but this would be a bit drastic.

Most graphics card's resolutions capability can be viewed from Display>Properties>Settings>Adapter tab and then clicking List All Modes. You can set what you need from the list and reverting back once the session is over.

Enable the changes to be made without rebooting Windows.

  wadham 16:48 01 Apr 2004

Thanks for responses.

  Graham ® 16:53 01 Apr 2004

If you have a scroll wheel, hold ctrl down whilst scrolling to change the font size.

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