Font Problem

  Mastermind 21:03 15 Mar 2003

I'm having a problem with some programmes displaying text in the wrong font. This is causing text in some applications to no longer fit in the buttons that they are assigned. This is particularly evident in Norton SystemWorks and Internet Security, but is also noticeable when visiting google. I'm not sure how I should go about correcting this. I'm running Windows XP.

Any ideas?

  Mastermind 21:11 15 Mar 2003

I recently installed a new printer.

  interzone55 21:16 15 Mar 2003

Right Click on desktop, select Appearance tab. Bottom box is for Font Size, set this to Normal or Small.

Hope this helps

  Mastermind 21:25 15 Mar 2003

It's already set to Normal.

  Mastermind 09:02 16 Mar 2003

Has anyone got any other ideas?

  Wak 11:13 16 Mar 2003

Go into Internet Explorer/ tools/ Internet Options and click the box called Fonts at the bottom of the General tab.
Try Times New Roman in the Left panel and Courier New in the Right Panel.
Some of the fonts listed are physically larger than others and also have different character maps.

  Mastermind 16:12 16 Mar 2003

That's what they're already set to.

What would cause the fonts in Norton SystemWorks to be dispalying incorrectly?

  -pops- 16:27 16 Mar 2003

Font problems arise if the specified font (of the program) has been deleted. Windows tries to substitute something similar. If a vital system font has been deleted, havoc can ensue. Have any fonts been deleted?

Don't know how to correct it if they have but at least it might explain what has happened and someone else can offer a solution.


  Mastermind 22:07 16 Mar 2003

I had considered the possibility of a font having been deleted, but I haven't done this. Could the recent printer have had any effect?

If a deleted font is that cause, what would be the best course of action?

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