Following a local power supply failure

  choppers 15:14 31 Oct 2006

Hi. I just got in to hear my PC go quiet, then restart then go quiet again due to a local power supply failure. I had left a disk cleaner running (wiping empty space).I turned the PC off at the socket and when the power came back on, I switched the socket on and the PC started by itself in SAFE MODE. I chose the Restore Default Settings, saved and closed. I don't know how far my programme had got. Is there a utility/prog I should run to check the power failure hasnt messed up the registry/anything etc? As you can tell I am not an expert, so plain English suggestions please! Thanks.

  Diemmess 15:21 31 Oct 2006

No lasting damage, I suspect it started in safe mode and if the OS was 2000 then there would have been a scolding for not shutting down properly and an auto scan of any HDs in use.

Safe mode was just defensive.

I'm not over thrilled about "restoring default settings" until you know that something has changed, but with ordinary luck it should all be OK.

  woodchip 15:23 31 Oct 2006

If the power as Come back on, Does the Computer start ok? and if so so do a Disc check with the MS tools checker

  FreeCell 15:24 31 Oct 2006

You should be okay to just switch it back on and run as normal. If the PC shutdown abnormally when you had the power cut it will know and run Scandisk on start up to check that the hard disk is okay.

Watch out for any other unusual messages/error reports and post them here if you need further help.

  recap 15:26 31 Oct 2006

A power cut may not have caused any loss of data, just turn your PC on and see if it boots up. If not, post back and somebody will surely help you.

  choppers 17:12 31 Oct 2006

Thanks guys - it seems to be ok. I found the Checkdisk and ran that - it takes a while but said my disk was 'clean'. The screen prior to that final one with all the stats on stayed on for about a second so didn't have chance to read it! I did see briefly a line like "there were 0 in bad sectors" I don't know if that report info is still available somewhere?

  brundle 17:17 31 Oct 2006
  Diemmess 17:48 31 Oct 2006

My only concern at your restoration of default settings was that Word for instance has a happy knack of recovering a file which was open when the power went off. It sometimes pays to leave things as they are until you are sure there is a need to interfere.

Living in the sticks with almost all supply cables above ground, quite often can result in a short supply failure and (touching a large lump of wood) rarely causes any lasting grief.

I know I will live to regret that! (;-)

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