Follow. An unknown shortcut on desktop Win7

  pgladston 13:28 25 Nov 2012

When I switch on my PC today 25/11/12 a unknown short cut was on my desktop named "Follow" and an icon of a globe. On going in to properties it was created, Modified and accessed 24/11/12, under wed doc' it's a URL javascript:void(0). As it's javascript I clicked on it, it took me to photos I downloaded from VirginMobile some 6 weeks ago, with which I had problems downloading. Yesterday I was using the BBC Iplayer at this time to watch the motor racing, but do not remeber clicking for this to download or install. I looked to uninstall it with revo uninstaller but it's not there, nor is it visable in Program Files. All I can find on the internet is it's an error masage in HTML programing. So what is it where did it come from and will deleteing the short cut get rid of it or how do I get rid of it or should I just leave it? My PC is running Win7 Pro(32) and I use FireFox.

  lotvic 13:59 25 Nov 2012

The globe is just the favicon of either the website or internet explorer program (or any programs icon that is used to open a shortcut - like the W for word documents indicating it will open in Word program). Are you sure you didn't have a url shortcut to your photos with a different icon previously? it may have been created without you noticing 6 weeks ago and IE has updated/changed it's favicon. Like Google did with its blue and white g.

If you don't want the shortcut just delete it. If it comes back then you will know that whatever/however you downloaded your photos has an inbuilt option to create a desktop shortcut so more details on how you did that download would be needed.

Jock1e's link about the Follow (Twitter) makes sense, could be a combination of both.

  pgladston 14:37 26 Nov 2012

Thanks but not what I was hoping for, also I have never had a twitter account so is probably nothing to do with twitter. Peter

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