Follow on from my router/modem recommend request

  Chris the Ancient 11:21 28 Dec 2006

I had been seeking a recommendation on router/modems in a previous thread

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A supplementary question, if I may.

My old netgear router had a background ability to keep 'polling' the line - and restoring it if it dropped.

My shortlist for a replacement router/modem is a Linksys BEFSX41 (sold by Novatech as a LIN AG241 - I think) or a bt Voyager 2110 (although I'm not bothered about the wireless bit - the two computers are only about 1.5 metres apart!).

Do either/both of these poll the line frequently and automaticaaly (and restore the connection) like my defunct netgear one did?


  Chris the Ancient 17:08 28 Dec 2006


I had another look at the linksys website on their product pages, and it wasn't until I got really into depths of datasheets that it actually reveals that it needs an external modem. But on some of their other models it says right at the beginning that it needs an external modem. Naughty?

But, at novatech

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It quite specifically states that the particular model that they are selling does have a modem.

Flicking between linksys data and novatech data doesn't really reveal a model number compatibility. Perhaps novatech has 'specials' built - or perhaps it's 'old' stock. Hmmm...

Moves the Voyager 2110 up the list of two a bit!


  Strawballs 00:10 29 Dec 2006

AG241-UK is what Novatech list it as.

  Chris the Ancient 12:32 29 Dec 2006

Just got back to the machine.

I agree that novatech list their router/mode, as an AG241-UK. But I can't see any similar device on the linksys product pages. Hence my thought that perhaps the novatech item is 'old stock' that linksys don't make any more.


  Chris the Ancient 18:49 30 Dec 2006

With a lot of research and fiddling, it may appear that the fault was not all down to the router/modem. Extensive trials show that I am picking up a lot of interference which I am gradually analysing - and hoping to cure.

But thanks to all those who had a go at this link. I shall tick it for now.


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