Folders think they're Picture Folders

  kinney 23:25 05 Feb 2005

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The problem has got worse in the last month and specifically relates to many important folders opening with Thumbnail view and the picture folder icon in the background.

The affected folders include My Computer, My Documents and even the partition on which most of my documents are stored! As I'm sure you are aware, these folders are not customisable either from the View Menu or from the Properties tab. Beyond being able to change the way files are displayed (icons, tiles, etc.) these folders can't be turned into Picture folders, Photo Albums, etc. So the background icon and folder behaviour has come from nowhere!

I know that it has nothing to do with the registry forgetting customised folder views; there is no way that it could have this effect, as far I can see, and I have followed Microsoft's advice with no change.

Most of my sub-folders (c.200 folders with about 12GB of files) are found in My Pictures, as I'm a professional photographer and have a lot of archived work. Could this quantity be influencing the other folders in some way?

  ade.h 23:34 05 Feb 2005

I know it would be a nuisance if you have a lot of customised views, but you could try re-setting all your sub-folders in My Pictures to the default (icon or tile view with "Documents of any type" selected in the Customise tab). That might make a difference to the other higher-level folders that can't be customised.

  kinney 17:22 06 Feb 2005

Ade.h - I've tried your suggestion and it does seem to have worked for My Documents, but the partition on which it lives is still behaving like a Picture folder, including picture tasks on the left of the explorer window. I've also tried moving all its contents to a spare partition, but the same problem occurred.

  kinney 20:39 06 Feb 2005


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