folder wont move to 2nd HDD

  joeltr 14:31 04 Sep 2005

having installed spare 40g hdd to accommodate my up and coming venture into camcorder filming,also firewire card,(waiting for lead to arrive)i installed pinnacle 9se that came with camcorder, it loaded itself onto c-drive but when i tried to move it to my 2nd drive it wouldnt complete the move, said something like runtime error, contact company,i read that it should have have its own drive and put software there as well, any advice please, thanks, joel.

  pj123 14:57 04 Sep 2005

Sorry, you can't "move" a program from one drive to another. Some software gives you the option, when installing, of where you want it to be, but even then it has to install some files on the C: drive and the Registry.

  woodchip 15:06 04 Sep 2005

You need to remove it, then reload from CD do a custom install and change the C:\ to D:\

  bremner 15:25 04 Sep 2005

Something else you should think about is what file system is on the drive. If it is FAT32 then that has a file size limit of 4GB. NTFS does not have this limit.

Downloadeding of camcorder footage can create particularly large files if you should download the whole footage as one file..

  joeltr 15:56 04 Sep 2005

sorry for delay,i formatted my spare drive,it was fat32, my new pc has ntfs, sorry but how do i custom install?,joel.

  DieSse 15:59 04 Sep 2005

"how do i custom install?"

Only if the program allows it. Run the install program, and look at each screen carefully - when you are asked where you want to install to, you simply change the supplied path to the one you want - ie the other drive.

  joeltr 16:05 04 Sep 2005

when i load the disc it doesnt give me the option to change the destination path,it says files will be loaded to c something,but it is greyed out and i cant change it,joel.

  pj123 16:07 04 Sep 2005

When you insert the Pinnacle CD you should get some options on where you would like to install it. If you don't then you can do nothing about it and it has to be installed on the C: drive.

I would leave it where it is and just save all your camcorder stuff on to the D: drive.

I would also add that 40gb is really not enough for video. You would need at least 120gb.

  joeltr 16:09 04 Sep 2005

ok thankyou, back to the drawing board,thanks all,joel.

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