Folder Permissions

  silverous 13:51 16 Nov 2007


I'd like to give a group of users access to ONE subfolder within a folder. I can do that, and they can get to it via:


and that is fine. However, I'd like to be able to map a drive to


and have ONLY "subfolder" appear as a folder that can be traversed. All other subfolders within toplevelfolder would not be shown or traversable.

I have NEVER been able to figure out how to do this with windows file permissions - I'm pretty sure it is easy with Unix/Linux.


  Kemistri 17:50 17 Nov 2007

What OS (and which version) are we talking about? XP/Vista?

  silverous 19:39 18 Nov 2007

Win 2003/2000 - it is a server, I don't think that aspect has changed between 2000 and 2003?

  Kemistri 19:43 18 Nov 2007

Oh, good news and bad news then. Good news; it should be capable of doing what you need, I would think, certainly more so than XP. Bad news; I have no idea how, since I've never used Win Server! Sorry I can't help further, but if I see any advice about it on the net, I'll stop by here with a link.

  silverous 15:05 19 Nov 2007

How would you do it on XP - as I'd imagine it is exactly the same?

  recap 15:55 19 Nov 2007

Hope I have got this right?

Map the drive necessary but only give access to individual users to those folders they require access to. Use both the Share and Security options to perform this.

  Kemistri 16:26 19 Nov 2007

It doesn't get that sophisticated with XP; that was my point. MS kept it very simple, only giving some extra facilities to users of XP Pro. It should have had the two modes in both versions (not just Pro) and the advanced mode should have been more clever.

  recap 20:34 19 Nov 2007

click here this may be of some help?

  silverous 14:14 20 Nov 2007

Thanks for trying guys but I think you are oversimplifying it, perhaps my request wasn't clear - I'm conversant with sharing files on a network and restricting access to relevant users, we've been doing that for years; This one's a bit different though.

On a particular share, call it ProjectR, I want Group A to have full access but I want Group B to only see a particular folder.

I can easily do this so that Group B sees all folders and can only get into that one folder - but I actually want them to not even see that the olther folders under ProjectR even exist.

In Unix I think it is fairly straightforward and standard, but I've never seen it done in Win2k/Win2k3.

  Kemistri 14:23 20 Nov 2007

Yeah, I understood the details of what you want to do from your first post. What you can do with Win Server is probably miles ahead of what XP can do, but I can't provide a definitive answer. There should be plentiful resources on the net that cover that OS in detail, though.

  silverous 08:52 21 Nov 2007

Thanks. There are if you have time to trawl through reams of manuals and documents but no quick solution I could find, I figured someone somewhere would have done it before hence the post.

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