folder not listed in windows explorer

  Flying Teddy 14:24 02 Nov 2007

I'm sure I'm being pretty stupid, but I have a problem in windows explorer.

I cannot see the folder c:\documents and settings\all users\documents\.

I don't mean that I can't see the contents of that folder; I mean that I can't see it listed under \all users.

The other folders are listed:

\Application data
\Shared Documents
\Start Menu

If I do a search, I can see those items that I have searched for that are in the \documents\ folder (and sub folders) listed in the search results, and I can open them from there. E.g. if I do a search for *.mp3, I will get C:\documents and settings\all users\documents\my music\song.mp3 listed, and it will play. I just cannot see the \documents\ folder in windows explorer.

I have made sure that I have ownership of the folder under the 'all users' security tab (but I think that only affects access not the actual listing?)

I have 'show hidden files and folders' and 'display the contents of system folders' ticked in folder options, and 'hide protected operating system files' is unticked. I have tried ticking and unticking 'use simple file sharing'.

I've googled this problem, but all I can find is people with access problems, not an explorer listing problem.

As I say I'm sure I've overlooked something very simple, and I'd be obliged to find out what that silly mistake is...

  BurrWalnut 14:35 02 Nov 2007

The Documents folder you refer to is named Shared Documents, hence the 'All'.

  Flying Teddy 14:47 02 Nov 2007

Well I'm thunderstruck! How right you are.

I never thought that it would be the case that the folder names in the 'tree' pane would be different to those in the address bar, when referring to the same place!

I never did like the way M$ handles folders starting called 'My xxx', it never seems logical, and I shouldn't really be surprised that M$ do things in a complicated way unnecessarily - why should they break the habit of a lifetime!

Thanks a bundle BurrWalnut, You've saved me from going totally insane (instead of being partially insane that is usual for me!)

  BurrWalnut 14:55 02 Nov 2007

You may be pleased to hear that 'My' has been dropped in Vista.

  BurrWalnut 14:59 02 Nov 2007

Sorry, I didn't explain the Vista structure very well.

The word ‘My’ has been dropped and the location of XP folders like Documents & Settings and History are no longer in the same place. They are displayed when ‘hidden files’ are displayed but they are ‘Junctions‘, i.e. they are there for historical reasons so that old programs that would normally use them are redirected to the new Vista locations. Junctions can be recognised by having a little curly up-arrow like a shortcut and cannot be accessed.

  Flying Teddy 18:38 02 Nov 2007

Hmm. Sounds like my decision to avoid Vista like the plague was the correct one for me. I've still got a fair way to go to understand XP, so having to start from scratch with Vista looks like hard work. Your explanation sounds like M$ have painted themselves into a corner by insisting on particular locations for types of data for XP. Now that they've wisely decided that isn't the best way to go, they're stuck with the legacy issue and the usual 'work-rounds' to cope with it.

Thanks again for your help.

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