Folder Name, Wont Change!

  'oppy 00:27 14 Jan 2003
  'oppy 00:27 14 Jan 2003

Ive been trying to rename a folder(right click, rename) I get as far as highlighting it typing in the text, hit return, then an alert message comes a windows system folder and is required for windows to run properly, it cannot be moved or renamed....The reason I need to alter this, its my name, and has been spelt wrong.
This folder is in...Local Disc...Documents and settings...All Users...Mr. ******* this is what I need to change. This was set up for me when they installed windows XP home and they spelt my name wrong.

  Pilch.... 00:35 14 Jan 2003

tried logging into the account with admin level access? you may be able to change folder name via editing the user details.

  'oppy 00:55 14 Jan 2003

pilch...been into that, my names spelt correctly in there, and thats shown in a different folder.

  temp003 06:18 14 Jan 2003

Apparently you can't change the user folder name under Docs and Settings, even if you manage to change the account name (e.g. in XP Pro). It's by design. click here I suppose one way round is to delete or remove the user account altogether and recreate it. Pretty drastic. Irksome, but better leave it alone.

  powerless 06:29 14 Jan 2003

Registry tampering would do it, i think. But where that key is stored i dont know.

I would take temp003's idea of removing your account and recreate it.

  'oppy 11:15 14 Jan 2003

Im annoyed with this prob that I cant change or delete this folder.
Ive gone through my C drive and found two of these folders, Titled... one with my mispelt name and one with correct name, both have the same contents, except one with my mispelt name has two extra folders in it,(cookies folder and Desktop folder), the other hasnt these folders in it. So as they have duplicated each other, Im wasting disk space. Mispelt folder .....size 87.5 mb....size on disk...241mb.
Correct name folder....size 32.4mb....size on disk...33mb.
I need to delete one of these folders to regain some disk space, but the system wont let me and I dont know how to go about changing or deleting.
My computer is set up for any user, Ive been into user accounts, and its set up as me as the administrator.....oppy

  recap 12:39 14 Jan 2003

'oppy, you may need the original user name and password to change any settings. The person who set up your computer shold have this information. Also you may not be able to delete the unwanted folder as this may need administrator permissions. I think that once the unwanted folder is deleted the contents of the other should get what was in the larger folder.

  frasernet 22:35 12 Apr 2004

within my shared pictures folder are folders of different names that i created. when i try to change or delete anything in this folder nothing appears to happen until i right click and refresh, then the changes have taken effect. tried other folders on my computer and they all let me do what i want. i used to be able to do this in my shared pictures folder, any ideas why i can't now?

  frasernet 22:36 12 Apr 2004

sorry that should have gone a new post.

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