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  bretsky 00:16 14 Jan 2006

This came out of nowhere really, NOD32 AV gave me a signature update and then immediately a bubble message from NOD said an unknown infection had been detected please run a scan, which I did, and the result was more than interesting, NOD had flagged up 2 files:
C\Program Files\Folder Lock\Folder Lock.exe Probably unknown NewHeur_PE virus

The executable file was sent to NOD labs for analysis and after researching on google, the file “windrvNT” is a component file of the Folder lock program which has some issues of conflict with email programs and Spybot S&D click here and click here I remember upgrading to version 1.4 last year and I got about ¼ of the way through and the PC would crash so I reverted back to 1.3 with no problems.

click here and info on NewHeur_PE virus click here

I had to disable heuristics in NOD32 in order to reinstall the folder lock program because the exe file had gone, this done, uninstalled the Folder lock program, did a reg clean and manually cleaned all traces of the program, ran NOD32 in depth scan......all clean.

Have emailed Folder Lock tech support to ask whether new version has addressed the issues, still waiting for a reply.

I have had Folder lock v5.1.6 for a year or so and NOD32 since Sept 2005.

Oh the joys of computing!!

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 14:08 14 Jan 2006

Just an update, had this email this morning from Folder lock vendors

Dear Bretsky,

That is incorrect virus warning, kindly email the customer service of this antivirus company and tell them to change their virus database since winrvnt.sys is a driver file and is needed to protect files. Here is the proof from a trusted third party that our company has nothing to do with it and the virus data base of this company is incorrect.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Have a great day!

And then it gives you links to comments & views from various customers.

So now I'm piggy in the middle with NOD32 saying it could be viral code and Folder Lock saying it's NOD32 that's at fault.

Oh yes, I installed Spybot S&D 1.4 and ran it with no hiccups at all.

bretsky ;0)

  absent 14:35 14 Jan 2006

Switch to AVG,I run Folder Lock no problems.

  bretsky 14:43 14 Jan 2006

Trouble is, I'm stuck in the middle and I do like NOD32. Have you read the links?

BTW, which version of Folder Lock do you have and do you run Spybot 1.4??

bretsky ;0)

  absent 15:01 14 Jan 2006

I am running version 5.2.6. and until yesterday
was running Spybot 1.3. After reading your links I have just run a scan with 1.4 and all seems fine.


  bretsky 15:20 14 Jan 2006

It's the "windrvNT" file the resides in the Window\system32 folder that's the problem which can also effect various email programs and of course Spybot.

Will have to speak to NOD32 tech support on Monday, have already spoken to them and they told me to wait for an update to the signature data base.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 15:29 14 Jan 2006

What I don't understand, is why has Nod flagged up these files NOW, have had Folder Lock installed a couple of years now(various versions) had NOD since Sept last year???

bretsky ;0).......very baffled.

  ade.h 15:37 14 Jan 2006

When you've paid good money for an in-some-ways-superior product, why should you throw it away?

  ade.h 15:39 14 Jan 2006

Open the NOD 32 config window by double-clicking on the sys tray icon.

Select AMON and click setup.

Select he exclusions tab and enter the relevant folder.

That should alleviate it.

  ade.h 15:41 14 Jan 2006

Should have said:

...add the folders and individual files that run when you use File Lock. The two mentioned in your first post should be sufficient.

Hope that sorts it.

  bretsky 15:50 14 Jan 2006

Yes, this is my point about paying for a license to run NOD can't really afford to junk it, used the trial version seemed to work ok, no dramas etc.

Now have Spybot 1.4 running ok, I will wait to see what NOD comes up with.

bretsky ;0)

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