Folder Icon?

  Hitch-Hiker 17:09 09 Oct 2003

How do I change the look of a new folder?

I would like to use my own pic's if poss

  mark500 17:21 09 Oct 2003

Right click on the folder,choose properties,customize and follow the instructions,(XP)Don't know if same for other OS.

  Hitch-Hiker 17:57 09 Oct 2003

what I am trying to do is change the look of those little yellow folders win 98 se2

  mark500 19:22 09 Oct 2003

When in windows explorer click on VIEW at the top of the page and choose customise this folder. You can then choose to make it a web page or change the icon(I Hope). It is an awful long time since I had 98SE. In the windows folder or windows\system folder is a file called MORICONS.DLL. This file contains loads more icons for folders drives etc. Can't be anymore help at the moment but if I remember anything else I'll let you know.

  R4 19:40 09 Oct 2003

You can design your own icons with this free editor: click here

You can then use them where you wish.

  graham√ 19:45 09 Oct 2003

Windows Explorer, View, Options, File Types, Folder, Edit, Change Icon.

  graham√ 19:46 09 Oct 2003

Then Browse to your Picture.

  Gongoozler 19:46 09 Oct 2003

According to Microsoft click here (I hope that link doesn't get mangled), you can't change the icon in Explorer, but you can change the icon used in shortcuts. I think, however, that you can buy software such as this (click here) that will let you change the explorer icons.

  graham√ 20:06 09 Oct 2003

Gongoozler, thanks for the MS link. I was trying on my 95 as I was writing, and was just thinking 'this isn't working'. The shortcut way works, though.

  Hitch-Hiker 22:01 09 Oct 2003

still trying with no luck as yet!

  leo49 22:17 09 Oct 2003

MicroAngelo will change system folders in 9x OS's or there's a freeware program called ActivIcons which I've also used[although I found it can be a little temperamental]

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