Folder frustration

  shandykid 10:24 06 Apr 2003

Hi, Could someone help with the following problem.
Every time I open my folders I have to wait a while for them to open (upto 15 seconds). It's a frustrating problem when you're try to access letter, cv's etc from the My Documents folder. I try to keep the hard drive clutter free (19GB, 10GB used) but this problem won't go away.

  KrySTaL-KoDE 10:30 06 Apr 2003

First steps to take: make sure you got lots of memory. Win XP will cry with anything less than 256 MB of RAM. Defragment your hard drive regularly. Keep as little background programs (i.e those in the taskbar) running as possible.

If you've had your hard disk for a few years, perhaps it's experiencing natural degradation. Probably you'd want to replace your hard disk in extreme circumstances.

But more often than not, a memory upgrade does magic.

  howard60 12:11 06 Apr 2003

go to start - run - then type msconfig and hit return - the top right tab is labelled startup - click on it and take the tick out of as many of the boxes as possible. Just leave your virus checker and firewall if you have one ticked. reboot and click in the box of saying not to tell you each time you are using selective startup. Your pc should operate much quicker in general and it may solve your problem.

  BlueMeanie 20:09 08 Apr 2003

I'm working on a PC at the moment with a similar problem - a VBS exploit virus is to blame.

As/when the folder opens up, does a message appear at the bottom left of the opening window with a strange message, that disappears once the contents of the window is visable ?

The virus has made 800+ files/folders called Folder.HTT etc etc

Try a good virus scanner perhaps Norton on-line or download Sophos 30 day free trial


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