FM Transmitter,Soundcards & DAB/FM Radio.

  Big L 266 09:16 11 Feb 2011

I want to stream my own music content from Winamp Pro(its like WMP11)through my soundcard using the output socket into which is plugged a short-range FM transmitter for me to tune into and listen on my 2004 Intempo DAB/FM radio.

Can it be done please and if so how? Also is it legal?

Thank you very much in advance for your very kind help.

  Woolwell 12:47 11 Feb 2011

I thought that you had an internet radio because I suspect what you want is something like this click here

  octal 12:52 11 Feb 2011

Yes it is legal now, well since 2006 anyway. click here Scroll down to Wireless Audio Applications and it gives the power level output.

You can get these devices that plug into the car lighter socket quite cheaply if you look on Google under Low Power FM Transmitters, your biggest problem is to find a spare channel on the FM band these days, they are pretty crowded around the London area at the moment and most of the spare channels are taken up by the pirates.

I don't know any device for DAB yet, I don't doubt that someone will come up with a device that will be able to put a multiplex on a spare channel somehow. But that would be illegal at the moment anyway.

  Woolwell 12:53 11 Feb 2011

Or this click here

  Woolwell 13:18 11 Feb 2011

This will do what you want but I cannot find it in stock. click here

  Muergo 14:23 11 Feb 2011

There are literally dozens of offers for little battery operated transmitters on e_Bay and Amazon for not much more than £10 depending whether you want a digital display or not,

I have at least three, I use one to transmit a DAB radio output from the headphone socket to other non DAB radios in the house, finding a station around 106Mhz or nearby, you just have to experiment, tune the receiving radio to whatever you have set on the little transmitter.
You can send output from tape , CD, MP3 players, anything with a headphone socket outlet.

I listen to DAB in the car from a portable pocket size DAB receiver sent to the FM radio.

Oh, they send stereo as well.

I am surprised everyone hasn't bought them they've been on the market for years.

It's legal because the signal doesn't go far, just inside the house or car working off AAAbattery(ies).

  Big L 266 20:23 11 Feb 2011

Sorry not to have replied earlier but I had friends round and they've only just gone.

Woolwell....I have an internet radio called a Mutant which is the size of a mobile phone.I can only get internet radio via wifi and there is no capacity to stream my audio.

I like the look of the Philips link and will investigate this further. Sadly my experience with Pure wasn't good. The first wifi radio was faulty from the off and the second lasted a month before the screen packed up. My Mutant click here has lasted well since August.I got mine from a niche shop in the UK.

I do like the LineX which is perhaps going to be my first choice.I'll be reading up on the specs to see if it can be used by WinAmp Pro via my Xonar D2X soundcard. Thank you very much for all your help woolwell which really is indeed appreciated.

octal....That was an interesting read. I will have a look for them under Google as mentioned and hope that they will be legal to use.There aren't many FM stations where I live which is a help.I do remember the 1960s pirates on Medium Wave well! Ahh,the sounds of Radio London from the North Sea....memories!Thank you for this.

Muergo....I'm going to have a look at this as well. This has intrigued me somewhat! Thank you kindly.

  Big L 266 20:48 11 Feb 2011

Woolwell....I found this item on Amazon

click here

and wonder if this does the same thing? I assume that I plug this into the output of my computer-based Xonar sound-card and hear it on my Intempo radio on the FM channel? Is it really that simple and legal?

Your further help is appreciated please. Thank you again.

  Woolwell 21:37 11 Feb 2011

I don't know if it would work. It is designed to connect to a MP3 player rather than a PC.

  Big L 266 22:08 11 Feb 2011

Woolwell....Thats what my assumption was until I got to the end of the main description which said "....or any media player with a standard headphone socket...." which set me wondering about it.

I've just emailed the seller and asked them about using my computer and on-board audio centre sound-card to play my music on any FM radio via the headphone/speaker socket.I guess now its a case of 'watch this space' woolwell.

I'll let you know what the outcome is though.For now its goodnight and thank you for your help.

  Muergo 22:40 11 Feb 2011

Just go on e-Bay and type fm transmitter you will see dozens all different types and with/without display screens running from mains/battery/car socket, at prices starting at £4-99 up to ??? wherever you wanna go.

It's all very simple, I forgot to mention I use it to broadcast BBC iPlayer Listen again etc from headphone on PC. to other radios around the house.

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