to fly out or not to fly out: that is the question

  mco 18:17 15 Feb 2006

Opinions please on my navigation bar: if you look at the site I'm building (yes I know it needs lots more content and tweaking but I'm just referring to nav bar at the mo') ..there is a page for each year in the school. If you then click on that page,say year 7, it takes you to a main page where the topics for that year are set out. You then click on one of the topics for further information, say 'mapskills'. My question is: is it better to leave it as it is now, where, in order to return to the year 7 topics main page once you've visited a topic you have to click again on Year 7 ..or..should I have the flyout menu which shows you all the topics when you click on Year 7 in the nav bar? I had it like that originally but changed it because it annoyed me- the flyout obscured the main year page and it seemed to make the main year page superfluous,as you could go from one topic straight to another without needing the main year page. I changed to as it is now - and I'm not so sure either! As a viewer (and from a design point of view) what would be better? The site is click here

  Forum Editor 19:46 15 Feb 2006

Flyout menus are a personal hate of mine, and I wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole.

  mco 19:53 15 Feb 2006

What you say goes!

  ade.h 21:30 15 Feb 2006

I used them recently on one site which required only two flyout links, but as the navbar is horizontal and the source of the flyout is link #2 of 4, it looks clean and tidy. It was a much better solution for this particular navbar layout and suited the site structure.

It very much depends how and where they fly out and how many links there are within them.

Each to their own I suppose. The professionals (Bodie and Doyle aside) may take a different view, as the FE does.

Your title was very amusing by the way! :-D

  mco 23:08 15 Feb 2006

I try to keep an element of educational élitism here, old pedant that I am!

  PurplePenny 21:38 16 Feb 2006

Also I seem to recall reading that fly-outs are bad for accessibility. (But I'm not 100% sure so don't take my word for it.)

Pedants rule, ongoing agreement situation.

  mco 00:02 17 Feb 2006

PurplePenny, as I want to get my head round accessibility. As a school site it should be accessible but it's such a minefield and I am such a novice, but my intentions are honorable. I've already had one person express dismay that the fly-outs are gone; I think some people like them because they think they look 'clever'.

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