fluffy mouse

  joeltr 09:30 23 Mar 2005

Hi all, bit of a daft one this, suns shining so here goes, for the last couple of days my mouse was playing up, refusing to move the pointer until i gave it a few rolls along the the mousemat, then i remembered something in pca awhile back, so i turned my mouse over unscrewed the back and found that little bits of fluff had attached to the ball, i cleaned it and now my mouse is working perfectly once more.joel

  john-232317 13:41 23 Mar 2005

Did you clean the rollers that the ball touches, cos you might get fluffed again ;-))

  TomJerry 14:07 23 Mar 2005

good MS brand optical mouse only cost £8, you can get cheaper one

once you use an optical one, you will never think of using ball mouse

  TomJerry 14:10 23 Mar 2005

£1.87 Ebuyer 80420 Blue Ps2/usb Optical Notebook Mouse click here

£2.50 Kensington PS2 Universal Optical Scroll Mouse click here

£2.70 Chic 1330 Optical Mouse click here

  wiz-king 14:16 23 Mar 2005

my typist saw your post and thought you had a fluffy covered mouse .. she wants a pink one to match her gel mouse pad! She seems to be into pink at the moment, all her desk fittings are pink, she has even painted the telephone pink.

  TomJerry 14:59 23 Mar 2005
  joeltr 16:35 23 Mar 2005

thanks all, i will have to have a look at the opticals, learning all the time, regards, joel.

  Modo 16:46 23 Mar 2005

Don't think you are completely out of the fluff problem with an optical mouse!!

Maybe less fluff but you'll still find detritus gets in through the wheel - or the ball, which is worst. Especially if you eat and use the mouse at the same time!!

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