Fluctuating screen size

  bios 17:13 22 Apr 2003

Situation is this! Adjust display with monitor controls so that it fits screen. Fine. Turn off PC. Turn on the next day and display is too wide, so I reduce width to fit. OK. Turn off PC. Turn on the next day and the display is too narrow so I have to expand widthways to fit. OK. Turn off PC, can you see a pattern developing here? It's driving me potty. Ideas anyone?

  hugh-265156 18:17 22 Apr 2003

has it always done this or just started to happen recently?

  Djohn 18:42 22 Apr 2003

Is the difference in size large or just a small amount? With a crt display it's always better to leave the monitor to warm up for at least 15 minutes, then make adjustments to all of the on screen parameters.

On doing this, save and exit from menu, switch off and leave for one hour, to cool down. Switch back on again, (You may see alterations), but leave for ten to fifteen minutes and see if the display has warmed up and re-set itself to your previous settings.

If it has, then all is fine. The better the quality of monitor, the less time is needed in the warm up phase.

The amount of black area down each side of the display should not vary by more than a few mm. If you are experiencing a large variation in display size, then yes you do have a problem, this will most likely be the monitor, but could also be put down to the graphics card. J.

  bios 19:16 22 Apr 2003

This has only just started happening. The monitor (CTX 17") is just over a year old, the PC is 4/5 years old. The fluctuation is up to, say, 1 cm each side of the display.

  hugh-265156 20:02 22 Apr 2003

if you have installed new drivers for the graphics card it may be the problem.

  hugh-265156 20:03 22 Apr 2003

if you have a control panel for the graphics card try adjusting here instead of using the monitor buttons and see what happens.

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