floppy out and cannot see new hard disc

  bemuzed 20:08 20 Feb 2005

I physically removed my floppy drive as it was not working and I wanted the screws to install a second hard drive. I did not delete any drives or change any thing lese (if I should have I did not). I can see the second hard drive in BIOS but Windows Explorer does not show it. INstead Explorer still show a "removable driver A" which was my floppy. Have I messed it up and how do I get the second drive recognised in Windows? I am using Windows ME.

  bemuzed 20:31 20 Feb 2005

Help please I'm stuck

  Totally-braindead 20:46 20 Feb 2005

I would check inside your PC I think the ribbon cable leading to the second hard drive has probably been loosened when you were inside the case, its easily done.

  bemuzed 21:14 20 Feb 2005

Thanks. I deleted the floppy controller in Device Manager and on rebooting ME detected a new drive. I then went to the Western Digital site and they talked about some downloadable software called Lifeguard. It turned out that was what I needed to format and partition the drive once Windows had detected it. Maplin where I bought the drive advised all I needed was plug it and it would work. No documentaion was included and no mention Of Lifeguard.
All working now (fingers crossed).

  Totally-braindead 21:17 20 Feb 2005

I understand, you bought an OEM drive, thats one without software and didn't realise you had to format it first. Sorry didn't realise you hadn't formatted it. Glad its sorted.

  keith-236785 21:18 20 Feb 2005

glad you got sorted, if you have any trouble with the floppy drive, you will have to enter the bios and disable the 3½" floppy drive.

good luck

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