Floppy Drive (A:/) starts up at odd times

  Geordie 14:07 31 Mar 2003

When I Send a document to the printer, the A drive starts up! when I shut down the computer, the A drive starts up. It does this on other odd occasions. Why does it happen and how can I stop it.


  DieSse 14:31 31 Mar 2003

When you shut down the computer, it's usually the Virus scanning program.

Other causes may be that there is a document in the recelty used list, which came from a floppy disk - when you do File operations, it may cause the system to try and access this file. Try clearing all recently used lists.

  Geordie 15:00 31 Mar 2003

vmt for that. I have tried clearing the recently used file lists and I haven't used the A Drive in ages.

  Djohn 15:54 31 Mar 2003

I think that DieSse is still on the right track, even though you have cleared your "Recent documents" on the Start/documents screen.

It appears that somehow your word documents still have an association with the "a" drive.

  xtreme_computing 16:00 31 Mar 2003

yes like mentioned above, you need to make sure that nothing is associated with the A:\ drive

example open any programs that have a save function and click save and check the save path isn't pointing to the A:\ drive as this can trigger it off.

also maybe check your antivirus software because if you did a virus scan on your floppy drive this could trigger it off so check that also

  Patr100 16:07 31 Mar 2003

Earlier thread may help although the originator never got back to us :
click here

  Geordie 18:45 31 Mar 2003

vmt for all that.
have tried to start up every prog. and when I get to SURETHING CD LABEL DELUXE 3.1 the A drive starts up.

Cant find anything that would make it do that.

  Djohn 18:55 31 Mar 2003

You could try disabling (SURETHING CD LABEL DELUXE 3.1) for a while, and print off a couple of documents, see if it cures the problem. J.

  Geordie 14:50 01 Apr 2003

I have disabled Surething and the problem seems to have gone away as if by magic.
I will uninstall the prog and then reinstall. See if it is ok then.
Many thanks to everyone for the help.

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