Floppy drive seek annoyance

  RipSi 07:47 28 Apr 2004

I have just brought a new PC, What happens when I switxch on is that the floppy drive makes one helluva noise and the light comes on. I appreciate its looking for something but I dont know what. It also does it when I switch off. Please help.

  VoG II 07:54 28 Apr 2004

Is anti-virus configured to check floppy at start up and shut down?

  Gongoozler 07:58 28 Apr 2004

Hi RipSi. In the BIOS there is a setting for the sequence in which it will look for an operating system. This is normally set as floppy drive first so that you can use a boot floppy to override the hard drive, e.g. to reformat the hard drive. If you change this to hard drive first you will avoid the annoying noise and speed up the computer starting as well.

  Agent Smith 08:35 28 Apr 2004

I seem to remember reading about this a couple of years ago and it was suggested that you give the floppy drive something to look at. IE put a floppy in the drive when it starts looking and the exit the A:\ when it's finished rather than just ejecting the disc. Not sure if it's a 100% fix but has to be worth a try. Please post back with result. Cheers.

  RipSi 20:31 03 May 2004

Thanks everyone. im newish at this but none of the fixes seem to have sorted it out (or Im doing it all wrong?). Methionks I may have to put up with it (It also started doing it when I logged on, restore point sorted that out though).

Thanks again


  woodchip 20:35 03 May 2004

Try this care of Flech

To remove floppy seek on computer

Put a floppy disc in the drive. Double click it to open it's window. Now close the window, leave the floppy in the drive, and double click the C drive to open it. Now remove the floppy disc and finally close the C drive.
This apparently silly procedure can remove a left over referencing to the A drive.

  woodchip 20:35 03 May 2004

Sorry that should be Flecc

  Cook2 20:54 03 May 2004

Another way, and I found this by accident, is check Start - Run, to see if A: is showing. Delete the A: and type in chkdsk. Two birds with one stone, your disk is checked and it'll get rid of the A:

  RipSi 20:54 03 May 2004

Hey Woodchip.

Thanks, its loads better now. Thanks to Flecc aswell.

I can see lots more probs being sorted out on this forum. Clever bunch of people around here.


  RipSi 20:57 03 May 2004

Hi Cook 2.

That makes sense, I remember a vauge bit about the old Dos commands from a while back. chkdsk was one of the favorites. Ill do that as a metter of course

Ta & Cheers

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