Floppy (A) drive problems

  fruityfj 11:59 04 Feb 2004

My floppy drive ain't working. I put a new/old disk in & after long delay get message 'Please insert a disk into Drive A'. If I right click on A drive icon in My Computer to try to assess Drive Information for instance, get hourglass for long time then nothing.
I'm running Windows XP Pro (SP1).
Anybody any ideas?

  Tog 12:17 04 Feb 2004

Check the data cable is fitted properly in the back of the floppy.

Try a floppy you know works in another PC.

  Diemmess 12:31 04 Feb 2004

1) Any light showing when trying to read or write?

2) Is there any way the floppy might not be pushed full home? Some plastic front panels might just stop this happening

  Stuartli 13:18 04 Feb 2004

My son, an IT support specialist, says that virtually all problems he has with floppy drives have been due to a damaged cable; replacing it is the cure.

However, if this isn't the case, new FDDs are now under a fiver even for top name brands such as Sony.

  fruityfj 13:37 04 Feb 2004

Thanks gents - will check & report back. All good suggestions.
Thanks again

  blanco 18:16 04 Feb 2004

You could try just deleting it from the Device Manager and then rebooting and letting Windows find it as new hardware and reinstall drivers.
I had problems a month or two ago and this cured it for me.

  fruityfj 10:24 08 Feb 2004

Apologies for delay in replying. Been on long unexpected trip out of email territory (there are SOME blessings!) No lights showing so may well be cable. Not sure how to detect but can't be difficult I suspect.
Tried deleting in Device Manager & reinstalling. Same prob as B4
Will report back

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