floppy drive making a noise and light turnin on

  xHalox 00:02 14 Jan 2009

Computer is turning on fine but when windows is loaded up and my computer starts to load up my programs like my anti-virus all of a sudden my floppy drive light turns on and it also makes a quick noise. Anyone know what it could be? One of my friends said it was trying to open up a program that the computer thinks its in my floppy drive and that it was no biggie just annoyance but i dont know

  DieSse 00:41 14 Jan 2009

Anyone know what it could be?

It'll probably be your anti-virus checking to see if it needs to do a scan of any floppy disk that may be in the drive, as it starts up.

If you look in the options, you may find you can disable such a scan. I seem to remember that this was particularly something that happened in Symantec/Norton.

  Forum Editor 00:55 14 Jan 2009

Your anti-virus software is taking a look to see if there's a disk in the drive. You'll be able to turn this action off in the settings.

  xHalox 07:50 14 Jan 2009

i thought it was my anti-virus so i removed t from my computer to check it out but even then without the anti-virus it still made the same noise and light still turned on...

  Graham. 08:56 14 Jan 2009

If you don't use the floppy, disable it in Device Manager. Some may say that is risky in case you need to boot from a floppy, but I don't think that is relevant these days.

  DieSse 08:57 14 Jan 2009

Floppies will also do this during the POST (testing) phase prior to loading Windows, if the BIOS is set to do so.

If it isn't your AV then your freind is probably near the mark - something is trying to talk to the floppy drive - probably for data, and just possibly for a program.

To find out what, you'll have to go through all the start-up items and disable them to find which one.

Other than that is could be Malware/Virus activity - so scan your system for viruses/malware etc.

  xHalox 18:11 14 Jan 2009

If the disable the floppy and my computer does use it to boot what is the risk i am taking and is there a way to see if my computer does boot from it?

  xHalox 18:17 14 Jan 2009

What exactly is the POST phase and how do I check if my BIOS is set to do that? Oh and sorry but which are my start-up items?

  DieSse 22:57 14 Jan 2009

"If the disable the floppy and my computer does use it to boot"

- It doesn't use it to boot - and it's very unlikely you will ever need it to.

- The risk you are taking is that it won't be active if you ever need to use it. If you did need to use it you would only need to reverse the disable process you made.

  DieSse 23:01 14 Jan 2009

POST is Power On Self Test - it's the bits with a text screen the system goes through before it gets to starting up Windows.

Note that some systems don't show the text screen but give you some sort of picture relating to the manufacturer.

If your system has got into the Windows loading phase, then the POST tests are complete, and the POST floppy access is over anyway.

If you want to disable it, you need to go into the BIOS and look for a line that says "Floppy Disk Seek" or similar, and set it to Disabled.

  DieSse 23:04 14 Jan 2009

"...which are my start-up items?"

These are the several programs that also start when Windows starts - such as your Anti-Virus, Firewall, etc etc.

To get a basic view of them go

Start - Run - type MSCONFIG into the box and press "enter"

In the window that comes up select the Startup tab - it lists them.

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